Friday, 4 November 2016

3050: Arena B Team

The B team are at Market Harborough and the bus will leave West Park at 4pm so please be there for 3:45, we anticipate the B team will return slightly later to West Park than the A team. If you are not going by bus let Alex know.

Katie Cooke
Joesph Cooper
Matilda Hase
Ewan Ascott
Scarlet Wood
Aaron Simpson
Sophie Goodman
Patrick Hodgson
Su Alpan
Oliver Osborne

Summer Wood
George Buckingham
Hannah Dodic
Joseph Searby
Hannah Searby
Ryan Ashton
Jasmine Bryan
George Casartille

Anna Pancisi
Daniel Foss
Lauren Searby
Benajmin Webster
Caitlin Hutcheson
Thomas Baxter
Laura Ford
Lewis Tipping

Chelsea Eley
Oliver Tipping
Sophie Eley
Joshua Bestwick
Chloe Blaydon
Matt Leech
Leanne Atkins
James Webster
Elizabeth Simpson
Sam Frearson