Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Blog 2020-64 Family Quiz

Following the responses Ive had so far we'll do the family quiz night this Saturday at 7:30pm

It will be done through zoom using an app called Kahoot. Once youve joined the zoom meeting the screen will give you the kahoot password to join the quiz. Do this on a mobile device as your pc/laptop will be the screen for the quiz. The question will come up on the zoom screen and you'll have to press the relevant answer on your kahoot screen. Each question will have a 45 second answer period and you score more points for faster correct answers. This one will be general knowledge.

I'll email the invite out on Saturday. If you havent received it be 4pm please email me.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Blog 2020-63 Family Quiz

Following on from the success of the on line land sessions, We are looking at holding a family quiz as a social night. Can you please email me you preferred day and time and I'll organise it through zoom and using "kahoot" for the quiz at the most popular day and time


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Blog 2020-62 On Line Training

Its been great to see a really good uptake on the on line training so far. The more we do things together the easier this hard time will be.

This Friday we are going to do a club session and invite the whole club to join in together. It will be a swimmers edge yoga session so it is suitable for all. You'll need a space a mat if you have one, your water bottle a towel and maybe a yoga block of firm pillow/cushion. I hope to see you all around 6:15

Please please please, tweet your positive experiences, pictures or videos of you exercising or doing something special. There are a couple of challenges going on Nation wide at the moment, so video yourselves having a go and join in. Both are on our twitter page already @lescnews

Keep following the government's advice and stay safe.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Blog 2020-61 Group Training

Hi All

Firstly I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Secondly thank you for your continued support during this time, if we stay together and support each other through this we will have a club to come back to and be stronger and more united than ever. If anyone needs to talk, to let off steam or ask questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The following will be the schedule for on line group training. The idea is to not only keep our swimmers (and parents if they want to join in) during this time but keep everyone in touch and together as a team.We will be using zoom.us so join up its free and we allow us to chat as well as work out.

The coaches will set up a "meeting" and email out an invite for the relevant swimmers to join.

Masters/Seniors/Nationals/Uni - with Spencer
Monday to Friday Daytime 11-12
Monday,Wednesday and Friday Evening 6:30-7:30
Saturday if requested can be done as well

Midlands and County - with Alex
Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evenings 6

JD1 and JD2 with Olly
Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 6

Where swimmers from one family are in session at the same time please feel free to choose which invite you accept.

There is already a lot of great content out there, Jazz Carling has done some swimmer focused stuff that is very good and more is coming out. Please feel free to do these as well as the pre and post pool routines that have been supplied.

Other resources I would recommend
offtheblocks.com - British Swimmings swimmer and coach information site
You Tube - The Body Weight Warrior - great flexibitly sessions
                - SmashWerx for more mobility and specific tightness
                - World of Mobility with Kelly Skerret - Mobility

Finally please tag all your activities on twitter so we can see what you are upto @lescnews and share any hidden talents or jokes etc the more we come together on social media the less we will feel apart. George C & Rhys - how about sharing a tune or 2 for us to enjoy.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Blog 2020-60: Training and Coronavirus - FURTHER UPDATE

Following an exceptional amount of work behind the scenes by our volunteers and coaching staff, additional advice offered by the government and Swim England, and a further meeting this afternoon, the Committee has taken the decision to suspend all of our current training (pool and land based) from tomorrow, Saturday 21st March 2020.

All sessions scheduled for Friday evening (20th March) will run as normal.

We have been able to negotiate a holiday from payment with most of our facility providers to ensure that we are able to restart training as soon as it becomes appropriate to do so. This leaves us with our main expenditure being the payments which we make to retain the services of our coaching team. Some of our coaches have agreed to waive their payments to help the club and we are extremely grateful for their assistance. However for some of our coaches, the money they receive from the club is their main source of income and we would like to try and maintain this for them. Additionally we would hope that once the situation returns to normal, we are able to hit the ground running in terms of both our coaching team and our training programme.

We are therefore looking to implement a basic, flat fee structure of £25 per swimmer per month to try and ensure that the club stays afloat until we are able to operate fully again. This will be effective from April’s payments and will require you all to amend your standing order payments accordingly.
We realise that for some more than others these are uncertain times and if anyone feels that they are not able to maintain their payments at this time and wishes to leave the club, we would like to assure them that this will be no barrier to them returning should they wish to do so in the future.

For those that do wish to stay with the club, our coaching team are looking at running online group sessions and are now working hard on scheduling and content. It is hoped that these will be a mixture of age-appropriate daytime and evening sessions. It is the intention to roll these out early next week starting with a series of online squad meetings. Details will be emailed out once they are arranged, so if you have not been receiving our recent emails please contact members.lesc@hotmail.co.uk to ensure that we hold the correct details.

Under the current guidance we expect this situation to continue until at least the end of May, but any variation to this will be communicated to you all. However, should you wish to contact the Committee during the coming weeks contact details can be found on our website

Finally the Committee would like to thank you for bearing with us while we have worked through the situation and look forward to seeing you all at a pool somewhere in the future.

Helen Akers
on behalf of Long Eaton SC Committee

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Blog 2020-59: Nova Meet postponed

The Nova Meet that was scheduled for 28-29 March has been postponed.  There will not be any refunds yet, while they look to reschedule.  If I get any further news on dates or refunds, I'll contact the swimmers who entered.

Blog 2020-58: Training and Coronavirus - UPDATE

At the Committee meeting last night the main topic for consideration was the recently issued guidance from Swim England, our national governing body (which can be found here) and the implications for our membership.

At the moment all of our facility providers remain open to the general public or for external hire and it was the decision of the Committee that we will continue to offer a full training programme until the end of the week, This will give us a chance to make further contact with our facility providers and work towards a solution that will enable us to protect our membership whilst trying to ensure the future viability of the club.

Our intention is to keep our swimmers and coaches as safe as possible. The guidance we have received is that water and chlorine within swimming pools helps to kill the virus. However, given the increasing focus on social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we will be implementing some immediate changes to our pool and land based training approach:

·       The latest hygiene advice from the NHS to reduce the risk of infection can be found here
·       If any swimmers or coaches fall into the “at-risk” category then we recommend that government advice is followed and those individuals should take particular care to minimise their social contact by not continuing to attend training. The “at-risk” category is as follows:
o   People over the age of 70
o   Other adults who would normally be advised to have the flu vaccine (such as those with chronic diseases)
o   Pregnant women

Your swimmer should not attend training:
·       If someone from your household has a persistent cough or fever – current government advice is that everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days
·       If your swimmer has any indication of illness 
·       If your swimmer has been in close personal contact with someone who has positively tested for COVID-19 in the last 14 days then we ask your swimmer does not attend training for 14 days minimum

From Wednesday 18th March, to reduce the risk of possible spread within the various leisure centres no parents / guardians will be allowed poolside or into any poolside spectator area. This requirement is not in place for our pools whereby the spectator area is separated from pool by glass (West Park Leisure Centre). We realise that this may be difficult for those that are required to stay on site because of the age of their child but would ask that you bear with us during this time.

We ask all swimmers to:
* Maintain excellent hygiene
* Shower before and after entering the water
* Wash hands or use hand sanitiser on a regular basis
* Do not share bottles, snorkels or kit
* Maintain distance from your team members where possible
* Focus on nutrition and hydration
* Exercise extreme caution in communal areas of our leisure centres and training facilities
The latest guidance from Parkwood Leisure, who run West Park and Victoria Park Leisure Centres, can be found here

We are taking all available precautions to ensure our swimmers remain safe and at this stage wish to continue to offer training to swimmers providing the above guidance is met in full. We can only continue to do this if we receive your support in following these instructions. The coaches will constantly review this situation and react to the changing dynamics. 

In the meantime we would ask that all members make decisions based on their own and their family’s personal circumstances – we do not wish anyone to put themselves at additional risk as a result of decisions made in relation to the club as a whole. The whole LESC team is important to all of us and we are trying to find a way to support each other at this difficult time

Obviously this is an unprecedented and fast moving situation and the committee will review the situation over the next 48 hours, or in the light of any further government or governing body advice, with a view to offering a further update on Friday.

Helen Akers
on behalf of Long Eaton SC Committee

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Blog 2020-57: Cancellation of Diddy League, Leeds Open Meet and East Midlands Swimming Championships

We have been notified today that, in line with the latest Government advice, the following events are now cancelled:

  • 2020 Notts & Derby Junior League (Diddy League)
  • Leeds Open Meet (scheduled for 17-19 April)
  • East Midlands Swimming Championships (all dates from now to the end of May)
Cheques received for the Leeds Meet will not be banked.  If anyone has paid by BACS, I will be working through to establish how much people are owed as refunds and will contact you in due course to agree the best way to sort this.  Leeds are not looking to re-arrange the meet.

Swim England East Midlands are looking at the potential of rescheduling their events later in the year 'if that proves viable and in line with calendar expectations from Swim England'.


Blog 2020-56 DX Meet

This Weekends DX open meet has been cancelled

Blog 2020-55: Training Update and Coronavirus

The Club Committee is continuing to take into account advice from the government and Swim England, our sport's national governing body, whilst liaising with our pool providers with regard to any decisions around the club's activities.

The current Swim England position can be found here. At the present time they advise that there is no reason why clubs should not continue with their training programmes in their own environment within the guidelines of the facility.

At present we are awaiting updates from a number of the facilities that we use and the situation will be discussed at tonight's Committee meeting, after which time we will look to issue further guidance.

In the meantime, whilst training remains on, we would ask that you take into account the government position on self isolation, social distancing and hygiene which can be found here

Helen Akers
Executive Member
Long Eaton SC Committee

Monday, 16 March 2020

Blog 2020-54: Cancellation of this weekend's Leicester League

Swim England today cancelled a number of forthcoming events due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  This decision was taken following the Government's announcement to implement increased social distancing, avoid crowds gathering and unnecessary travel.

As a direct result of this, the organisers of the final round of the Leicester League that was planned for this Saturday (21st March) have unfortunately also taken the decision to cancel the gala.

At this time, we have not had notification of any other cancellations, but will update here as soon as we hear anything.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Blog 2020-53: April 3rd

On April 3rd all Female swimmers from County, Midland, Senior, National and National plus squads will be training at West Park with the males training at Ilkeston. This is because we are going to have a talk on the effects of the female menstrual cycle. Parents of swimmers from these squads are invited to attend the talk which will be in the 7-8pm land session, then the females will train in the 8-9:30pm pool session. The talk will involve the physiology and coach/swimmer information delivered by myself, Zeynap will then talk about the psychological effects and finally the senior girls will offer guidance to the younger girls.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Blog 2020-52: City of Derby meet this weekend - no nuts please!

City of Derby have tweeted to say that no nuts should be taken to the this weekend's open meet.  This extends to poolside, the sports hall and the spectator area.  There are people present with severe allergies, and the taking nuts will be a danger to them.


Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Blog 2020-51: Changes to training this weekend (14 & 15 March) - all squads

Please note the following changes to training this weekend:

Saturday 14th March
National squad - no a.m. training (land or pool)
Midland squad - no a.m. training (land or pool)
County squad - no a.m. training (land or pool)
JD1 / Masters - extra training session at West Park 07.30am - 09.00am

Sunday 15th March
National squad / Midland + - as per Spencer's squad email, the Loughborough session is just for swimmers that entered DX, to prepare for that meet
Midland squad - QLC cancelled
County squad - QLC cancelled
JD2 - West Park cancelled (land and pool)

These cancellations are due to the City of Derby Meet at Matlock

Monday, 9 March 2020

Blog 2020-50: Request for officials at this weekend's City of Derby Meet

City of Derby have asked if any officials are able to help at their meet this weekend (14th & 15th).  We have nearly 40 swimmers at the meet, so it would be good to support the organisers.  If anyone is able to volunteer, please email me, confirming what level you are qualified to / training towards, and which sessions you are available.


Sunday, 8 March 2020

Blog 2020-49: Accepted / Rejected lists for March DX Meet

Accepted & Rejected entry lists for DX's March Meet are available here

I will keep a note of credits owed for rejected fees - please deduct these from the next entry submitted / let me know so I can agree them back to my list.  Any queries just let me know.


Saturday, 7 March 2020

Blog 2020-48: Leicester League Round 3

The final round of the Winter Leicester League is on the 21st March 2020. Please confirm whether you are available to swim ASAP.

There will be no bus this time. The address is as follows:

Pingles Leisure Centre, Avenue Rd, Nuneaton CV11 4LX

Tick the sheet at West Park or email: countysquadcoach@longeatonswimmingclub.org.uk


Maddie Wilson
Grace Wilson
Eloise Cami
Florence Stirling
Isabel Plummer
Jessica Parry
Annabel Tipping
Holly Smith
Charlie Scanlon
Imogen Coppen
Jasmine Bowles
Estella Pendrey
Sophie Goodman
Ella Coppen
Tamzin Meese
Isabella Askham
Imogen Mellor-Patching


Ted Pyefinch
Kai Ward
Adam Worley
Samuel Cooper
Christian Brown
Benjamin Cami
Quinn Coppen
William Gallagher
Ryan Davies
Lewis Fretwell
Ewan Ascott
Joseph Cooper
Benjamin Mellor
George Casartelli
Luke Witten
Benjamin Tipping

Joseph Searby

Monday, 2 March 2020

Blog 2020-47: Accepted entries - City of Derby, Leeds, DX & Retford Meets

Click on the relevant meet name for the accepted entry lists:

Accepted entries - City of Derby

Draft Programme - Leeds programme
Rejected entries - Leeds rejections

I will contact swimmers with rejected swims to confirm either payment for remaining swims / refund options.

DX have not yet published their accepted entries, but have indicated they are over-subscribed.

Retford have confirmed all entries (to date) have been accepted, but have not yet updated these on their website

Friday, 28 February 2020

Blog 2020-46: LESC – Team Building Event

After the success of last year’s team building event at Splash Landings, the Club would like to organise another team building event this year.

There are three options and we’d like to give you the chance to vote on your favourite:

  1. Red Kangaroo – Trampoline Park (Nottingham)
  2. Splash Landings (Alton Towers)
  3. Ninja Warrior (Stoke on Trent)

Who can attend?
The following Squads: JD1, JD2, County, Midland, National, Seniors, Masters and Fitness.

A Saturday evening (April-July tbc) for 2 x hours.

Estimated cost of up to £25 (dependent on numbers).

To express your interest, please fill in the sheet on the board at West Park by Friday 6th March.

Thank you!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Blog 2020-45: Eckington Open Meet - All squads Nat - JD1

Entries are now open for May's Eckington Open Meet:

Date: 17th May
Venue: Eckington Leisure Centre
Age at: 17th May
Entry fees: £6 per event (plus £1 per swimmer towards coach passes)
Closing date: Saturday 7th March (entries into the box at West Park by 9am)

Meet info, including the entry form, is available here