Monday, 24 August 2015

Blog 2362: Long Eaton Distance Meet is Full

Our Distance Meet, to be held in Derby on Sunday 11th October is full.

Please do not confuse this with the 400m events in the Club Championships which are at West Park on Saturday, 19th September, and for which entries close on 13th September.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Blog 2361: Club Championships 400 m Events

The entry form is now available here . The date for this gala is Saturday 19th September at West Park. The closing date is the 13th of September.
If you have already entered on the original Club Champs form then you do not have to fill in another form.
Thank you

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Blog 2360: Arena League

Its that time of year where attention switches to the National Arena League. The club always wants to field its strongest possible teams into this competition, so please keep the following Saturdays free and be available for selection. It doesn't matter if you have 1 50m relay or 3 individuals and 3 relay swims. You are there to represent the club and every team member is as important as the next, as without that 1 swimmer doing 1 relay the others could not compete in that event and earn as many points as possible for the team.

The dates are

October 10th 2015
November 14th 2015
December 12th 2015

Swimmers are selected based upon their rankings times off the British Swimming database from short course swims done in the last 12 months. Initially the 4 individual swims (50m 11/under and 100m for all other age groups) are selected first. As swimmers are only allowed to do 2 individual races in their own age group excluding the IM swims the coach will select which 2 swims they will do, based on the best possible point scoring outcome from not only their swims but the second best swimmer in the event they are not selected for. Sometimes this means that a swimmer may well not get their best event in the benefit of the overall outcome for the team. Where there are less than 4 swimmers selected for individuals the quickest combination of swims based on the those initially selected and then added to from the 50m times of other swimmers in that age group are used to make up the relays. In the 11 and under 5 swimmers will be selected as, if someone falls ill on the night you cannot swim swimmers down an age group, this does not mean that all 5 swimmers will swim. As with all selections the best possible outcome for the team is the main consideration. Once all this has been done an initial list is drawn up and the coaches will speak to each other about who is on form and who is not, and make any adjustments as necessary. Those swimmers who do not show pride and support the club and each other will not be selected regardless of speed as the bad attitude will have an effect on the rest of the team. As with anything the Head Coaches selection is final.

I am currently starting the selection process as all in all it takes around 40 hours of work to complete per team. As we have competitions on the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October you will have upto and including the DX meet to earn your place on one of the teams, so make sure your entries are in for these events. This means that final team selections will be announced only 5 days before the competition so be ready to step up if selected.

We will let swimmers and parents know as soon as possible as to which team they are in. We have to wait for the league draw to tell us where we are swimming (probably Worcester for the A team lol).

Looking at the team we have a really strong team this season and could do exceptionally well in both leagues.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blog 2359: Club Captains

With the new season just a couple of weeks away this is the time of year we traditionally appoint our club captains.

With this in mind I would like to extend the thanks of the committee to those individuals who have undertaken these roles over the past year: -
  • Olivier Tipping
  • Katie Tew
  • Ben Tipping
  • Liberty Hazelton

This year in the selection of new captains we have decided to do this differently.

Instead of the usual process of a vote, the committee have asked the coaching staff and recent team managers to put forward their nominations for the roles of captains. Nominations should be based on: -
  1. Performance in competition and training
  2. Development and achievements
  3. Overall attitude
  4. Supportive of others
  5. Role model

Nominations have been received and are currently being considered by the committee, following this the positions will be offered to the nominees.

An announcement of the outcome of the process and our club captains for this year will be announced soon.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blog 2358: It's that time of year

Renewal letters will be available for collection during the evening training sessions at West Park throughout the rest of the summer.

Please endeavour to collect 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blog 2357: Open Water Swimming at Trent Windsurfing Club

We have received the following communication from Trent Windsurfing Club

" I am sending this e-mail to hopefully communicate to all  swimming clubs in the area to advise that our club waters are not suitable for open water swimming.
We have had a growing number of swimmers down on our lake and in the past we have turned a blind eye, even though it is against the terms of our lease for swimming to occur on the lake.
However, after the recent tragic and fatal accident caused by a windsurfing fin hitting a swimmer, it would be negligent if we allowed that to continue.
As you are probably well aware, swimming and windsurfing are not compatible in the same water, and from now on we will be more insistent about ensuring that swimmers do not use our lake.
Our leaseholders, Cemex also stipulate that no swimming should take place in lakes.
For clarity, this link shows you the location of the two lakes which should not be used for swimming.

BLog 2356: It's more than just training

What does being involved with swimming offer?

  1. Learning a life skill
  2. Getting fit
  3. Discipline
  4. Learning to compete
  5. Learning to win and lose
  6. Setting and achieving goals
  7. Making friends
All of those and more.

I am pleased to post a short report from Chris Stray about the recent opportunities/experiences he has had in short time as a swimming official.

"In October I applied to take part in an opportunity with the Youth Sport Trust to attend the National Talent Camp as an official. This put me in contact with a mentor who helps me develop in the sport of swimming.

A while back, I was given the opportunity to observe at the British Championships Swimming competition at the Aquatics Centre in London as an official. The overall experience was amazing, it allowed me see the pinnacle of British Swimming from a new exciting perspective. All of the officials were very welcoming and passionate about the sport. I had the opportunity to look at several different areas of running the event, including talking to starters, referees, judges and the team of Technical staff operating the timing equipment and the IT for the event. This allowed me to see the vital roles everybody volunteering for an event of this calibre has. Everybody at the event, swimmers, coaches and officials all wanted to be the best they could be. It is this drive for success which makes swimming as a sport special and why attending an event like this can show all of the opportunities available to you in swimming. During my time at the pool a meeting took place discussing swimming from an official's point of view, and how the swimming officials will continue and develop in the future to become better as an entity.
On poolside I had the opportunity to listen in on radio communication of infringements. This gave me a new understanding of the national protocol and the way discrepancies are dealt with. The general atmosphere on poolside was relaxed in the sense everyone was calm, prepared and the team was working well as one. Each person in the team played their role effectively ensuring the races were fair.
In the next week I will be attending the ASA National Summer Championships as an official and I will use the knowledge I have gained from the British champs to my advantage at this event."

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blog 2355: Long Distance Open Meet (Update 10/08)

Although entries for our own Long Distance Open Meet, at QLC on 11th October, do not close until 25th September, it is "first come, first served".

You need to get your entry into the mailbox at West Park ASAP.
Full details, Qualifying Times, entry form, etc., are on the club web-site.

If you are on your break, please e-mail the address on the entry form if you are wishing to enter.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Blog 2354: Lincoln Vulcans

This gala will take place at Ponds Forge on 17th October 2015 Level 2 meet. Entries for this must be with me no later than Friday 21st August 2015. Please find details on the following website.

Thank you


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Blog 2353: Viewing Gallery At West Park Wednesday 22nd July

The viewing area will be closed tonight

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blog 2352: Club Champs

Could Sydney  Diment's  parent please contact me regarding Club Champs.
Many thanks

Blog 2351: Camp 2016

Reminder - confirmation emails were meant to have been in by Friday, deposits by this Friday.
So far I have received confirmations from

Sam Frearson
Imogen Whitting
Aine O Regan
Lana Dilks
Chloe Pearson
Naomi Dilley
Beth Rae-McLean
Rebecca Beech
Chloe Blaydon
Lauren Wilcox
Theo Hamilton
Lauren Searby
Bradley evans

Blog 2350: End of Season

As most of you are now on your break with others planning for National and British success, now is the time for reflection on a tremendous season for Long Eaton S.C. With results up in every measure there is no doubt that Long Eaton S.C. is taking strides forward and becoming one of the best clubs not just in the County but in the Region and beyond.

This all seems great but we cannot rest on our laurels, we have to look forward to next season and say "how can I be better?"

So, review your own performance and ask these simple questions:

Was my attendance good enough? Unless its above 90% the answer is probably not.
How was my nutrition? Did you get the right balance of macronutriants? Did you hydrate? Did you eat the right things at the right times? - Did you ask for help?
Did I try my best in training? Everyone has off days but so long as you put the effort in then you have had a good session.
Were my skills the best they could be? Streamlining, Fly Kicks, breath control, finishes, starts, turns.
Did I listen and remember the points given to me by my coaches to improve on? Then, did I work on those points?
Were my goals set correctly? Did I hit my goals? Do I even know my goals or PB's?
Did I race enough?

So, once you've answered those questions, you need to look at what you can do to correct any negative answers; how you can improve yourself. Next season I am going to challenge all youth and age goup swimmers to qualify for the Midland Championships on the 200 IM. To do that you need speed and stamina on all four strokes, so competing on all four strokes, at all the distances, is a must. Look at your time from the Club Champs; look at the Regional Qualifying Time for your age group and set your goals to get there accordingly. Can we get 30 swimmers qualifying for the 200IM at Regionals? I believe we can - do you believe in yourself? I am working on a new goal sheet that will give you paces for the IM events automatically from your individual stroke goals, so let's get these sheets filled in and let's make Long Eaton S.C. the number one club in the Region.

You have been great this season; it's now time to go beyond greatness.

Blog 2349: Matlock Open Meet

Please find details of this meet which will take place at the Matlock Arc Pool Saturday 26th September 2015.

The closing date for this will be 20th August 2015, please make cheques payable to LESC.
Thank you

Blog 2348: DX Open Meet

Please find details of this meet which will take place at Matlock Arc Pool on 3rd/4th October. Please make cheques payable to LESC. The closing date for this is Friday 4th September 2015.
Thank you

Monday, 20 July 2015

Blog 2347: Club Champs

Thank you to all who gave up their time in the organising and running of the club championships this weekend.

The events our swimmers compete in would not run without the time generously donated by such volunteers.

Blog 2346: Capital FM arena ticket raffle results

Congratulations to our raffle winners: -

Dynamo tickets were won by Bonnie Treslove

Michael McIntyre tickets go to Anthony Lenk

Thanks to all who bought tickets in support of the club

Blog 2345: lost/found

A grey poolside draw string bag and a black and red roller have been lost at West Park yesterday, if found this belongs to Josh Bestwick.

Found in the boys area a pair of goggles and a towel. In the girls area a LESC shirt and hat.

A LESC drinks bottle containing an orange drink was left with Reception.

Thank you

Blog 2344: Club Championship results

Individual event results can now be found here

and Age Group Categories  here

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blog 2343: LTS/Loughborough /Queens

There will be NO Learn To Swim on this evening at West Park due to the Club Champs taking place. Loughborough and Queens Street also cancelled .
Thank you