Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Blog 3164: Team Manager Course

Very short notice but a Team Manager 1 course is being run on the 12th March 2pm to 5pm at Ilkeston Fire Station.

If anyone is interested in attending this course  please email Leeanne Mellor on by 5pm today

If you are interested in becoming a team manager but cannot make this date please feel free to let Leeanne know via email as well

Monday, 27 February 2017

Blog 3163: Counties wrap up

It has taken me quite a while to write this post as I wanted to make sure I worded it correctly.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone involved in making the County Championships happen, the officials both on deck and behind the scenes, the coaching staff at LESC, the team managers and the swimmers and parents.

Before Counties I did a blog post giving tips, advice and behavioral guidelines. For the most part these were followed. When swimmers stepped out of line the team managers pulled them back in, I am happy to report that these were only minor issues. Our area was the only area left spotless every night, with other clubs areas looking like travelers had just left. Some parents still seemed to be focused on times when I talked to them, but this is a work in process and honestly, there are less and less parents looking at the board or the results and more watching how much better the swimmers swam. Overall behind the scenes we were the best on show.

So onto the actual performance of the swimmers in the pool. With Counties being in the middle of the cycle and short course instead of long course it is hard to really make it a focus meet. That being said the fact that we worked on process goals such as, number of fly kicks, breath control, Streamlining, strokes per length, race tactics, starts turns, pre pool, post race recovery, reporting before and after races to coaches, all resulted in an amazing outcome in results. I am not going to list the numerous gold medalists as I do not want to miss anyone out, but if you go onto the Derbyshire website you can find all the results there. Whilst I wasn't looking at the clock on the day it doesn't mean I wasn't doing my usual swim nerd stats at home, we had an amazing 80+% PB or for senior swimmers Seasons Best time ration, going to prove that when you take care of the processes, improve technique and skills and do things right around the pool results will come. This included 2 brand new Regional qualifiers in Sky Torrington and Phoebe Goulton. The most pleasing block of results was in the relays where, particularly in the younger age bands, we showed more strength in depth at a higher level than in any other year previous. Overall all LESC had an amazing counties and I am really looking forward to seeing the results keep on improving through to the focus meets of these last 2 cycles this season.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Blog 3162: Bullet Hats

I have 10 more LESC bullet hats available. These are £10 each.

Blog 3161: County Relays

Sophie Goodman has said she can swim so no further response is needed thank you.


Can one of the following swimmers please swim this weekend. If not we will have to pull the girls C team for the 10-13 year old fr relay.

Sophie Goodman
Abbie Hall
Su Aplan

1st swimmer to contact me saying they are avaiable will get the slot.



Thursday, 23 February 2017

Blog 3160: County Relays

Could Lewis Tipping and Scarlet Wood please let me know if they are to swim in relays this weekend.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Blog 3159: Tulip Open Meet 20th and 21st May

I am now accepting entries for this Level 3 Open Meet on the 20/21 May to be held at Castle Sports Complex, Spalding. This Open Meet is aimed at swimmers in Midland Squad, County Squad and JD2.

There are no minimum qualifying times for this Open Meet.

Please find below the link to the entry details. Entries are £6.00 per event plus the £1.00 per swimmer for the coaches passes. Please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swimming Club or alternatively e mail for details to send the payment by BACS.

As this is a first come first served open meet I am putting a closing date for entries to be posted in the box at West Park of Monday 6th March

Thank you

Blog 3158: Nova Centurion Level 1 Open Meet

I am now accepting entries for this Level 1 Open Meet on 13th and 14th May. This meet is aimed at National Squad swimmers and any Midland Squad swimmers who have achieved the qualifying times. This meet will be accepted on a fastest times basis.

Please find below the link to the entry forms. as this is a Level 1 Meet all times will be taken from the ASA database so please just tick the races you wish to enter.

The entry fee is £7.50 per race - please make cheques payable to Long Eaton SC or e mail Please remember to include the additional £1 per swimmer for coaches passes.

The closing date for entries into the post box at West Park is Tuesday 11th April.

Thank you

Blog 3157: DX Level 1 Open Meet 7th - 9th April 2017

I am now accepting entries for this Level 1 Long Course Open Meet. This meet will be accepted on a fastest times basis.

Please find below the entry information - you will need to have a qualifying times registered on the ASA database to enter this Level 1 Meet. There is no need to convert short course times, just tick the races you want to enter.

The cost per race is £7.00 per event with the exception of the 800 free and 1500 free which are £10 per event. Please make cheques payable to Long Eaton SC and don't forget to include the £1 per swimmer to cover the cost of coaches passes. If you would like the bank details to send the payment by BACS please e mail

The closing date for entries into the post box at West Park is Tuesday 28th February

Thank you.

Blog 3156: Bus for Leicester League 4th March

There will be a bus to travel to Hinckley Leisure Centre for the Leicester League on Saturday 4th March for swimmers and supporters. The bus will leave West Park at 4pm so that the swimmers will be there in plenty of time for warm up at 6pm.
Please ensure that you bring £5 per person if you are travelling on the bus.

We would like as many swimmers as possible to travel on the bus so we can ensure we all arrive in plenty of time, however if you are planning on making your own way there please can you inform the Team Managers so they are not waiting for you!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Blog 3155: Counties Tips

On the eve of County Championships here a few pointers to survive the next 2 weekends for swimmers and parents, in turn following this will help the coaches survive as well.

Preparation is vital

Prepare your food for the weekend ahead. The cafe is ok but it will be crowded and will more than likely run out of Jacket Potatoes and pasta pots.

Be early - Parking is a nightmare so be early, so you can get a parking space, this will also allow the swimmers to arrive in time to do pre pool prior to warm up

Know your day - When are you swimming, when to put on race suits, when to eat, when to warm up when to recover


The importance of process driven swimming.

Only County Champions will be crowned this weekend not Olympic Champions. This is a stepping stone on the road not the destination. The outcomes are not as important as the processes. SO stop looking at places and times and start looking at self improvement. Parents please do not reward PB's. Instead reward improvement in processes. Have they behaved in a manor fitting the club and its expectations? Have they warmed up well including pre post? Have they recovered after racing with stretching, hydration and fuel? Has their body language going to and behind the block been positive? Look for improvements in technique, starts, turns, underwater, transitions, race tactics, race pacing instead of the clock.

It takes great courage to go out in front of 3/400 strangers in just a pair of trunks or a race suit and no swimmers wants to swim badly, so parents, tell your swimmers how proud of them you are, be positive no matter what you feel inside, support every member of the club and let the coaches coach :) . Swimmers be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, shake hands with your opponents and congratulate them, thank the officials as you walk by or the time keepers after you have swum, they have given up their weekends to help you. Finally no matter what other clubs do I am only interested in our swimmers and how the behave and represent the club, so please continue the levels we have set for ourselves recently, keep our area clean and tidy, no running around playing ball games anywhere and above all else enjoy the upcoming weekends.

lots of tweets from everyone please @lescnews #orangeandproud

Blog 3154: Leicester League Round 2 Team- Saturday 4th March

Please could the following swimmers confirm if they are available for Round 2 of Leicester League on the evening of Saturday 4th March. You can either tick the sheet at West Park or email myself at:
The gala will be at Hinckley and a bus will be provided for the gala, more details to follow.

Fa Punthakeirtpaisarn

Joseph Cooper

Matilda Hase

Patrick Hodgson

Su Alpan

Mackenzie Wiley

Maisie Fullerton

Lokas Barto Smith

Hannah Ford
Thomas Dalton

Tamzin Meese  

Benjamin Mellor
Hattie Cook
Joseph Searby
Grace Fleming
William Baxter

Hannah Dodic
Ewan Ascott

Summer Wood
Joshua Davis
Imogen Mellor Patching
James Cox
Chloe Pearson
Lewis Tipping
Laura Ford
Ben Wester
Lauren Searby
Oliver Tipping
Lauren Wilcox
Joshua Bestwick
Megan Kelly
Sam Pearson
Mollie Daniels
Oliver Dodic

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


The warm up times for the county championships are as follows:

Saturday 18th 
  Session 1  9.00 am warm up 10.00 am start
Session 2 1.00 pm warm up 2.00 pm start
Session 3 5.00 pm warm up 6.00 pm start
Sunday 19th 
Session 4 9.00 am warm up 10.00 am start
Session 5 1.30 pm warm up 2.30 pm start
Session 6 5.30 pm warm up 6.30 pm start
Saturday 25th
Session 7 9.00 am warm up 10.00 am start
Session 8 1.00 pm warm up 2.00 pm start
Session 9 5.00 pm warm up 6.00 pm start
Sunday 26th
Session 10 9.00 am warm up 10.00 am start

Relays 1.00 pm warm up 2.00 pm start
 Competitors wanting to withdraw from championships must do so by contacting Mrs. J. Mellor on 01332 677709 or by email: before 8.30pm on Friday 17th February 2017 for sessions 1 to 6 or 8.30pm on Friday 24th February 2017 for sessions 7-11, Withdrawals after these times each weekend must be done by sending a text message to 07929377809 no later than start of warmup for the session involved with swimmer’s name, club, and events. PLEASE NOTE VOICE MAIL MESSAGES WILL NOT BE CHECKED. Refunds for withdrawals will only be considered on an individual basis for illness or injury

Blog 3152 Changes to training Derbyshire County Championships

Please note the following changes to training over the County Championships weekends:

Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February - there will no squad training on any day.

All learn to swim sessions will continue as normal.

Thank you.

Blog 3151: Sheffield March Madness Draft Programme


Please check the draft programme carefully and if there are any errors please notify as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Blog 3150: County Relays

Here are the teams selected for County Relays in the relay order, as there are still 2 weeks before this event, those swimmers not selected please be available to cover injury and illness if possible. Squad reps will contact swimmers on this list for a final confirmation.

10-13 Male Free
A team B Team C Team
Finlay Moss Frederick Buckingham Patrick Hodgson
Sky Torrington George Buckingham Arron Simpson
Luke Witten William Baxter George Amor-Hughes
Benjamin Tipping Rory Batchelor Oliver Osborne

10-13 Medley Team
A Team B Team
Sky Torrington George Buckingham
Finlay Moss Oliver Osborne
Benjamin Tipping Frederick Buckingham
Luke Witten William Baxter

14-17 Male 4 x 100 Free team
A Team B Team
Rhys Llewellyn Oliver Tipping
Samuel Frearson Joshua Davis
James Webster Theo Hamilton
Bradley Evans Benjamin Webster

14-17 Male Medley team
A Team B Team
Samuel Frearson Theo Hamilton
James Webster Benjamin Webster
Bradley Evans Joshua Davis
Rhys Llewellyn Oliver Tipping

14-17 Male 4 x 200 Free team

A Team

Rhys Llewellyn

Samuel Frearson

James Webster

Bradley Evans

18+ Male 4 x 200 Free team

A Team

Ryan reader

Harry Charitos

Sam Pearson

Steve Barrett

18+ Male 4 x 100 Free team
A Team B Team
Ryan Reader Sam Pearson
Harry Charitos Sam Parker
Adam Freundlich Steve Barrett
Mike Dakin Matt Leech

18+ Male 4 x 100 Medley team
A Team B Team
Harry Charitos Sam Pearson
Adam Freundlich Sam Parker
Ryan Reader Matt Leech
Mike Dakin Steve Barrett

10-13 Mixed Free
Finlay Moss Jasmine Bryan Hattie Cook
Harmony Torrington Hannah Dodic Jemma Dilley
Sky Torrington Luke Witten Frederick Buckingham
Freya Birkin Benjamin Tipping George Buckingham

10-13 female Free
Harmony Torrington Hattie Cook Katie Cooke
Freya Birkin Jemma Dilley Matilda Hase
Jasmine Bryan Isabel Wright Plaifa Punthakeirtpaisarn
Hannah Dodic Phoebe Fullerton Rachael Elder

10-13 female Medley
Harmony Torrington Isabel Wright
Freya Birkin Jemma Dilley
Hannah Dodic Phoebe Fullerton
Jasmine Bryan Hattie Cook

14-17 female Medley
Naomi Dilley Mollie Daniels
Sophie Eley Lana Dilks
Bethany Rae-Mclean Isabella Askham
Esther Halford Sian James

14-17 female Free
Esther Halford Isabella Askham
Naomi Dilley Mollie Daniels
Sophie Eley Sian James
Bethany Rae-Mclean Aine O'Regan

14-17 female 200 fr

Esther Halford

Bethany Rae-Mclean

Naomi Dilley

Sophie Eley

18+female 100 fr

Emily Osbourne

Helen Gorman

Chloe Bates

Hannah Cox

18+ Female Medley

Emily Osbourne

Hannah Cox

Chloe Bates

Helen Gorman

18+ Female 200 fr?

Emily Osbourne

Chloe Bates

Leanne Atkins

Elizabeth Simpson

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Blog 3149: Land Training Cancelled

Land Training tonight, Sunday, is cancelled for Melissa's Squad. Swimming as normal.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Blog 3148: City of Sheffield Premier Meet

Just a reminder that the closing date for entries into the box at West Park is Friday 17th February. I will be collecting after training at 9.30pm so I would be grateful if all entries could be posted before then.

Many thanks

Friday, 10 February 2017

Blog 3147: County Champs Final Programmes

Please find below the link for the final programmes for the Derbyshire County Championships
Please note that due to there being lower than anticipated relay entries there is now only one session on the final Sunday.
Many thanks

Blog 3146: Last date for Rykneld Open Meet entries

Just a reminder that I will be collecting the last of the entries for the Rykneld Open Meet from West Park tomorrow morning at 9am.
Many thanks

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Blog 3145: ASA England Talent Programme

Derbyshire ASA have signed up to support the ASA England Talent Programme and will be running 3 one day swim camps for 11 year old swimmers during 2017.

A one hour presentation for parents/guardians of 11 year old swimmers will be held in the Community Room at the ARC leisure centre during the county championships on 18th February at 12.00. There will be space for one parent/guardian per swimmer to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to inform you of the purpose of the programme and to introduce the personnel (head coach etc.) who will be running the programme in the county.

It would be helpful if you could indicate in advance of your intention to attend by emailing  (

Further information can be found on the DASA website