Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blog 2219: Leicester League Round 3

LESC Leicester League Team
March 14/03/15
Bus Leaves West Park at 4pm        Cost:  £5.00
Venue: Market Harborough
Time: 6pm warm up
11 and Under
Male Yes No Female Yes No
George Buckingham     Phoebe Golton    
Harrison Frearson     Emillie Wright    
Luke Witten     Hannah Dodic    
Benjamin  Tipping     Kathleen Humphreys    
Joseph Searby     Hannah Searby    
13 and Under
Male Yes No Female Yes No
Samuel Hardy     Holly Pitt    
Bradley Evans     Laura Ford    
Joseph Pipes     Isabella  Askham    
Joshua  Davis     Lana  Dilks    
Lewis Tipping     Aine O'Regan    
        Rebecca Beech    
15 and Under
Male Yes No Female Yes No
Daniel Foss     Bethany Rae-McLean    
Christian Dowell   Caitlin Hutcheson    
Samuel Frearson   Lauren Searby    
Oliver Tipping   Anna Pancisi    
Joshua Bestwick   Katie Sloan    
Peter  Softley     Mollie Daniels    
Male Yes No Female Yes No
Daniel Wilson     Hannah  Dowell    
Kye Hazelton   Lauren Wilcox    
Christopher Stray   Megan Kelly    
Mason Tipping   Chloe Blaydon    
        Bethanie Dennis    

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blog 2228: Don't miss out

Last few days to get you Blue Seventy Nero TX in orange with 60% off.

This are likely to be unavailable from next week.

See Blog 2224 for details

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blog 2227: Easter Raffle

The Long Eaton Swimming Club will be holding an Easter Raffle, we are therefore looking for donations of chocolate, Easter eggs or other Easter type prizes.

Please give any donations to your squad reps

Monday, 2 March 2015

Blog 2226: Loughborough training Sunday 8th March

Loughborough training this week will be 12 til 2pm

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Blog 2225: Nottingham Northern Gala

Please could all swimmers get their entries to me no later than Monday 2nd March.
Thank you

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Blog 2224: Blue Seventy Nero TX Suits

Two fantastic opportunities to get your hands on a new Blue Seventy Nero TX Suit: -

1. Purchase a raffle ticket, cost £5. These are still available from your squad reps. Draw date to be announced soon.

2. Purchase an orange Nero TX at a massive 60% discount from using the discount code LESC60TX.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blog 2223:Too many cooks

The old saying too many cooks spoil the broth is no more true than it is in swimming. It is for this reason I insisted that we had separate coaches responsible for each squads training instead of different coaches for each session, it is why myself and Alex are in constant communication behind the scenes to ensure our sharing of B squad runs smoothly and we have a common thread running between the sessions, it is why I want all the squads knowing the same pre and post pool routine and why all our coaches use the same terms and drills. Having reviewed performances at County Championships it was very clear that those swimmers who were following the clubs plans and no one elses, were the swimmers that had made the most technical improvements in their races and swimming styles. We spend a large majority of the time working on technique at this club and therefore there is no reason to look for additional tuition. Junior and Age group swimmers only hear and have the mental capacity to implement 2 or 3 instructions at a time and if one coach is saying work XYZ and another is saying do ABC then neither will be done and therefore no improvements in technique are made. I would only recommend going on any swim camp or training day not run by this club or having a member of this clubs coaching staff on it, if they were using video analysis and you are able to bring that video back to the coaching staff for further work. We have asked in the past if parents wanted us to put on specific training sessions at additional cost and time to our own programme where more focus can be made on swimmers but no response was forthcoming. If this is something you are interested in please contact your squad reps and let them know what you would like us to provide you with.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Blog 2222: Loughborough Training

For this Sunday only 1st March 2015 the session will be 12.30pm to 2.30pm at Loughborough.

Queens Street and West Park are as usual.

Blog 2221: Rugby Open Meet 25th/26th April 2015 Level 3

Full details of this meet can be found on the following website

The closing date for this meet will be 20th March, please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swim Club.
Thank you


Blog 2220: Nuneaton Draft Programme

The draft programme is now available to view on the following website
Thank you


Blog 2219: Eckington Gala 10th May

Full details of this meet can be found on the following website

This is a first come first served gala so I will be closing this on Friday 20th March. Please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swim Club.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Blog 2218: Miami Video

Thanks to Josephine Parker for putting together this video from Miami.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Blog 2217: Long Eaton Swimming Club Branded Drawstring Bags

A potential new supplier has been found for the drawstring bags.

We can now offer to include the name of the swimmer printed on the bag.

The price will remain at £5

The bag can be seen here and orders placed through email

Blog 2216: Responsibilities

Please can all parents note that the Club is only responsible for swimmers during the time of the training session. Parents take responsibility for children before the session commences and after the session has ended.
Parent of children who are under the age of nine must remain on the premises during training.
Sarah Tew
Welfare Officer

Blog 2215: Lincoln Vulcans Level 1 Meet

This gala will take place at Ponds Forge on 9/10 May, full details can be found on the following website

The closing date for this gala is 30th March 2015. Cheques made payable to Long Eaton Swim Club.


Blog 2214: DX Level 1 Meet

This gala will take place 11th/12th April 2015 at Ponds Forge, the closing date for this gala is Monday 2nd March 2015.
Full details can be found on the following website Cheques made payable to Long Eaton Swim Club.


Monday, 16 February 2015

Blog 2213: Miami Wrap Up

By now many of you have spoken to the guys who went to Miami and have realised that despite the set backs this was one of the greatest camp experiences of all time with everyone still wishing they were out there in the sun. Yes, wallets went missing but they were found, Aine went to the hospital but she was fine, the schedule got changed but we adapted and discipline and stress levels were brought into line in time. So any issue we had we overcame and this galvanized the team into a great unit with lots of swimmers and staff learning valuable lessons, not only in the pool but in life as well. This is exactly why we do these camps and exactly why we do them away from home, so the normal support network is not there and swimmers have to adapt and develop. For me the variety of external activities, standard of the facility and choice of food made this camp far superior to any camp I have been involved in before.  There are only 2 things I would change in future, the need for a full time team manager was made clearly apparent and a location closer to the pool so that travel time does not effect training or team time, again these are things that we have learnt from this camp for the future and by no means a dig at either the accommodation, which was great or the the people who stepped up to ensure the camp went ahead. I would like to thank Tracey Young for booking the hotel, Alex Michell for booking the flights, Helen Akers for sorting the payments out, Sue Parker for helping the team managers and Hannah Cox and Adam Freundlich for stepping into the Team Managers shoes, without your contributions this amazing experience would not of happened.

Peter Softley was Top Camper
Kye Hazelton Top Male Camper
Lauren Searby Top female camper

These awards were based on the swimmers nutrition, attitude, pool performances, manners, behaviour and how they helped other members of the team.

Blog 2212: Upcoming galas

Below is a list of galas, who they are for and what to do in them.

Date Gala Sqauds Focus
07/02/2015 Leicester league Team Selection To give experience to swimmers not in the A team or who usually dont compete
14/02/2015 County Champs All Race Practice Heavy Programme
21/02/2015 County Champs All Race Practice Heavy Programme
14/03/2015 Leicester league Team Selection To give experience to swimmers not in the A team or who usually dont compete
28/03/2015 Nuneaton A/YNS Youth Focus for Midland qualification if not already qualified
Youth if qualified Half heavy programme race practice
Age Group Race Practice Heavy Programme
11/04/2015 Derventio Excel Qualified Swimmers Race Practice or focus meet discuss with coach Diddy League takes priority
18/04/2015 Diddy League Team Selection Strongest Team Possible ages 9-12 as at 20/6/2015
25/04/2015 Rugby lvl 3 Age Group Regional Qualfier
01/05/2015 Midland Youth Qualified Swimmers National Chances Race Practice on main events
Focus meet for non national chances
Relay Teams
10/05/2015 Eckington C/B/A YNS? Race Practice Heavy Programme
15/05/2015 Midland Masters Masters/YNS Race Practice Heavy Programme
16/05/2015 Diddy League Team Selection Strongest Team Possible ages 9-12 as at 20/6/2015
09/05/2014 Lincoln National Qualifying Focus Meet for national prospects - other qualifiers to enter as well
30/05/2015 Age Group Midlands Qualified Swimmers Focus Meet
06/06/2015 Age Group Midlands Qualified Swimmers Focus Meet
12/06/2015 British Masters Masters/YNS Focus Meet
20/06/2015 Diddy League Team Selection Strongest Team Possible ages 9-12 as at 20/6/2015
28/06/2015 Notts Northern Junior C/B Race Experience heavy programme
04/07/2015 City Of Derby B C/B/A YNS? Race Experience heavy programme
11/07/2015 Tauten Dean youth/senior Stay Away meet
Focus meet for non national qualfiers
Race Practice for Nantional Qualifiers half programme
19/07/2015  Club Champs All No National Qualifiers everyone else full programme
28/07/2015 British Champs Qualified Swimmers focus meet
01/08/2015 English Nationals Qualified Swimmers focus meet

Blog 2211: First weekend of Counties

Having just got back from Miami it was straight back to work at County Championships and I have to say it was well worth it. The swimmers put on an amazing display and 95% of them hit personal best times or times that were quicker than this point last season. Not only were the times of a high standard but how the swimmers raced was even better. Remember this is not a focus meet for older swimmers just race practice and the tactical skills used in the racing were a vast improvement and result of following the race programme correctly. Long Eaton swimmers were some of the best behaved and professional in and around the pool at the gala and this is a credit to not only the swimmers, but the Team Managers and the hours of hard work put in by the coaching staff in educating the swimmers correctly. Overall we had an amazing first weekend and I am proud to be Head Coach of such an impressive group of swimmers.

Blog 2210: County Fines

A number of swimmers failed to follow the withdrawal process as outlined below this weekend and will therefore be receiving details of their fines in due course.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the fine is paid, THE CLUB WILL NOT DO THIS FOR YOU.

Non-payment of the fine will result in the swimmer being prevented from entry to any other competition promoted by Derbyshire ASA until the fine has been paid.