Saturday, 13 February 2016

Blog 2791: Rugby Open Meet

This meet is now full  

Friday, 12 February 2016

Blog 2790: Saturday am 200IM/200 Free

Saturday mornings session means that we undertake the last of our 12 week tests, the 200 IM and the 200 Free.

Land training will start at 7-7.30am, then we will aim to start the swimming session at 7.45am with NO WATER BASED warm up, which is why its important to make the land session!

Volunteers will be needed to record times etc, so please make yourself available.

Blog 2789: Miami Training day 3, Brads Birthday

What a great day, the sun is shining the kids are on fire (not literally!) and we had all the fun of the fair with Brad. A stand up 50 to start the session for Brad with his Birthday ballon attached followed by 12 x 200 fastest possible pace for the morning session where Theo discovered his like for distance swimming. Following us the British swimmers came in and had a picture with Brad for his Birthday and following our warm down which the British team physio approved of and watched intently, we stayed behind to watch the GB team train and pick up some tips. Once again the coaches were very forthcoming at talking to our guys and explaining bits and bobs to them. Theo got to watch James Guys the current 200fr World champion train and chat to Joel his coach. Between reps James spoke to Theo and gave him one of the best pieces of advice ever, Joel asked him whats the most important thing in swimming to which James replied "you got to love it", which is so true. A quick trip back to the hotel for some down time and homework with lunch and then itwas back for a nice long course recovery session. Theos talk has worked as he was on fire in the pool smashing the session to pieces. The rest of the swimmers all looked so much more skill from just having watched the GB Team.

Brads Birthday treat was to race British Record holder Ben Proud over 50 yards Brad had his fins on against Ben and was supported by our swimmers and the GB team with Liam Tancock being very vocal for brad. In a close fought contest Ben finished in a time of 21.4 and Brad went 24.0. After the afternoon session we drove upto the Cheescake Factory for our evening meal of which most of us including myself were beaten by their portion sizes.

Blog 2788: Friday 12/19th February PM

Can swimmers in A squad who are attending the session at west park on friday evening, only attend the swim session from 8 - 9.30pm as the numbers attending the land session will be too great when combined with the YnS squad.

Blog 2787: Leicester League - Sat 27th Feb

The next round of the leicester league competition is on Saturday 27th February. The venue is at Burton (post code to come) and the warm up is 6pm. The team sheets are at west park and trent, so could you indicate your availability for this gala. There has been an attempt to select swimmers who are not competing in the derbyshire county championships, where this has not been possible, swimmers have been selected who are not competing on this day.


Ben Mellor, Lokas Barto Smith, Tjey Sharma, Aaron Simpson, William Baxter

Elliot Box, George Casartelli, Oren Mortar, Harrison Frearson

Josh Davis, Thomas Baxter, Oliver Dodic, James Cox

Christopher Stray, Greg Cherry, Ian Frearson, Callum Henley


Su Alpan, Hattie Cook, Scarlett wood, Freya Birkin, Phoebe Fullerton

Imogen Mellor Patching, Hannah Dodic, Rachel Elder, Zoe Tomlinson

Laura Ford, Caitlin Hutchinson, Anna Pancisi, Mollie Daniels

Elle Pryce, Eden Michell, Amy Williams, Leanne Atkins, Elizabeth Simpson

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Blog 2786: Officials for Counties

The County Championships are due to start in 11 days time and at present there are insufficient officials for all sessions.

All Galas will be held at Arc Leisure Matlock as follows:
Gala 1: Saturday 20th February 2016: Start 10am
Gala 2: Saturday 20th February 2016: Start 2.30pm
Gala 3: Saturday 20th February 2016: Start 6.15pm
Gala 4: Sunday 21st February 2016: Start 10am
Gala 5: Sunday 21st February 2016: Start 2pm
Gala 6: Sunday 21st February 2016: Start 6pm
Gala 7: Saturday 27th February 2016: Start 10am
Gala 8: Saturday 27th February 2016: Start 2pm
Gala 9: Saturday 27th February 2016: Start 6.30pm
Gala 10: Sunday 28th February 2016: Start 10am   
Gala 11: Sunday 28th February 2016: Start 2.30pm
Gala 12: Sunday 28th February 2016: Start 6.30pm
Please email Ian Davey know as soon as possible your availability for these galas together with your level of qualification and any dietary requirements.
As per previous years, refreshments will be provided for officials volunteering for two or more galas in one day and reasonable travel expenses will be paid.
At present the promoters are faced with making a difficult decision.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Blog 2785: Miami Training day 2

Wooooooo suns out guns out!!! 24 degrees

Sorry just showing off a little there, it actually started off quite chilly at 17 degrees but the sun melted the clouds away and came to say hi, raising the temperature to 24 degrees.

A quality speed set in the morning (we have turned the training upside down as we have been moved around short course and long course) with lots of easy swimming in between and a nice very skillful aerobic loosen and recovery session in the afternoon.

Jon Rudd very kindly introduced Lana to Ruta. Ruta found Lana's reaction to meeting a current world record holder and Olympic champion very amusing. It has to be said that the British team have been excellent with our guys talking away and asking how their training is going etc, to the point where Liam Tancock asked Theo to show him what hes got on the sprint set after discussing Theos tweet of Liam the previous night. Look out for 3 tweets regarding our trip to the Ice hockey on Monday night. The teams are trying to get to meet the players and are each writing a tweet for this. The tweet with the most retweets will win bonus points for the team.

A trip to the beach for lunch after impressing Jon Rudd with the swimmers Yoga warm down then back to the pool for the afternoon. A few tired bodies a led to some upset tummies but after a good stretch and some kind words from the coach and everyone is ready to eat all they can pasta tonight ready for tomorrow mornings big set.

Its Bradleys 13th birthday tomorrow who knows whats in store.

Blog 2784: Miami Training Day 1

Great start to training on camp, a Nice body position, recovery and loosen session in the morning followed by a tasty kick set in the evening. training along side the British team and other National teams seems to have brought out the best in our swimmers with the ave 100 kick time on the set at around 1:25 long course with fins.

We followed the same pattern as last year food wise ith a nice trip to Outback Steak house in the evening after eating some "small monsters" in the afternoon.

Everyone has settled in well despite a few wobbles and team moral is high. Tracey and Russell have everything under control apart from my snoring but lets face it not even Superman could keep that under control.

The weather was a cool 18 degrees and cloudy today but the swimmers soon learnt that they can still get a tan from this.

I wont do some more out of the mouths of babes as Russell and Tracey are going to run a guess which swimmer said this competition when we get back, trust me there are some classics to come.

Blog 2783: Rykneld B Grade Gala

Full details can be found on the following website entries need to be with me by 16th March.

Thank you


Blog 2782: Rugby Open Meet Level 3

Please could I have all entries for this meet by 17th February  , this is a first come first served gala, full details can be found on the following site

Thank you


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Blog 2781: Miami Journey Day

What an eventual journey that was, the main thing is we are all here safe and sound which is a massive improvement on last year. So from the train journey down with the police being called to the 45 minuets of rough (worse Ive ever had) turbulence it was an eventful day rounded off with the now customary Wendy's for tea before checking into the hotel. We did manage to get straight to the hotel this year as not having 4 back seat drives made a massive difference.

The hotel is really nice as you will see from the pictures below, the eating/lounge area is very impressive. Its only 7 minutes from the pool and we have already seen Ruta Meilutyte, Fran Hassal, Liam Tancock, Ben Proud and James Guy train. Whilst we have trained along side the Hungarian, Polish, Austrian and Canadian National teams. It seems to be a full international team camp week or two.

This morning we did a loosen with some work on body position and a nice med ball kick set, as the pool have changed our Short Course and Long Course sessions round along with having so many people using the gym I have had to completely redo the programme so this afternoon will be Wednesday mornings kick set.

The weather is a cool 16 degrees and overcast however it is ment to be warming up towards the weekend with highs of 24 degrees.

Some classic out of the mouths of babes for you.

Who was the president during the American Civil War? "George Clooney"
"Austria is in America isnt it?"
"this is harder than Labor" meaning laboring work

Its going to be a long camp!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Blog 2780: It's test week!

Today marks the beginning of test week, so can everybody make the effort to attend as many sessions as possible to get the best possible scores!

Blog 2779: whilst spens away...

A squad is to train with YnS on Tuesday/Friday (west park) and Sunday's (Loughborough).

B squad sessions remain as normal except on Sunday where they move to west park to train with C squad.

AG/YnS prestige session on Thursday 7 till 8 pm at trent will be cancelled.

This will remain the same for two weeks except on the 20/21st of February where all sessions are cancelled due to the counties.

Learn to swim is unaffected.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Blog 2778: A squad

Could all swimmers that are in the A squad who normally swim at Trent on Tuesday's and Friday's there will be a change this week and the following week, these swimmers will swim alongside youth and senior squads at west park.

Blog 2777: County Championship

Looking the part is the start to being in the right mind set to compete.

With the Counties fast approaching make sure you have your LESC poolside T-shirts and swimcaps, (club colours are a must).

Graham will be attendance at West Park pool between 5pm and 6.30pm on the next 2 Sundays with a full range of sizes of T-Shirts and swimcaps

Alternatively email if you know what you need

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Blog 2776: Arena Team Results

Finally the West Midlands have released the results from the Arena League and the A team finished in their 2nd every highest position coming 7th in the league.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Blog 2775: Loughborough 7th February

Due to the DX gala taking place there will be NO training this Sunday at Loughborough. No other sessions are affected.


Blog 2774: Derventio gala 5/6/7 February

The warm up time for Friday is 5pm for 6pm start, Saturday and Sunday morning session is 8am for 9am start and the afternoon session is 12.30pm for 1.30pm.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Blog 2773: Loughborough Pool

Unfortunately I did not blog the pool closure for Loughborough , sorry to all of those swimmers that turned up yesterday including myself.


Blog 2772: Derventio 9th/10th April

Entries are now being taken for this meet, full details can be found on the following website

The closing date is 1st March 2016, please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swimming Club, no email entries are accepted.