Friday, 24 October 2014

Blog 2105: Youth and Senior/Ghoul in the Pool

Youth and Senior swimmers are reminded that this is not a major meet for you and you are not to self rest for this meet. We are swimming through this meet as it is race practice for you. Self resting messes up the 4 month of training you will be doing for your end of cycle meet. This means you will be training as usual tonight including land training.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blog 2104: Help!!

This is a urgent call for help in two up coming events.

Arena League Queens Street 8th November 2014

Long Eaton are the hosts for the B teams round 2 draw.

Long Eaton Swimming Club Distance Meet 2nd November

Hosting events requires a contingent of officials and volunteers, very few of which requiring training. Volunteering does not mean that you cannot watch your swimmer, on the contrary, you may have one of the best seats in the house.

If you can help and wish to do so please email Duane or Angela ASAP

Blog 2103:Ghoul in the Pool

With this being a Halloween gala, and for a bit of fun, I'm putting up a £25 cash prize to the best Long Eaton swimmer's fancy dress. The costumes will be judged by myself, who will be head reaper instead of head coach for the day, and the team managers.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blog 2102: Long Eaton Distance Meet

The draft programme for the Long Eaton Distance Meet, 2nd November 2014, is now available here

Please review and forward any errors or changes by Sunday the 26th October 2014 to

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blog 2101: Personalised LESC equipment, great gift ideas

We are looking to place orders for personalised towels and silicone hats with the club logo


These will be bath towel size, black with an orange club logo and the swimmer's name.

They will be available at £15 each and we require a minimum order of 50.

If you want to order one, please
email or add your name to the order list on the notice board at West Park (but not both!), with the name to appear on the towel and the quantity required.

The cost will be around £7 for the first hat of each name, with additional ones slightly cheaper, we need a minimum order of 35

Please email with the name you want on the hat and the quantity required.

We will need to place the orders in early November for a pre-Christmas delivery, therefore the deadline will be the 8th November.

Blog 2100: B Team round 2

Here are the swimmers selected for the B team for round 2. Please tick off on the sheets at West Park or Moorways or email me your availability.

Phoebe Goulton Rory Batchelor
Hannah Dodic Elliot Box
Hannah Searby George Buckingham
Zoe Tomlinson Luke  Witten
Megan Duncan James  Paterson
Rebecca Beech Joesph Pipes
Bethany Rae-McClean Joshua Davis
Lauren  Searby Elliot Bestwick
Anna Pancisi Thomas Baxter
Sian James Peter Softley
Esther Halford Oliver Tipping
Imogen Marshall Joshua Bestwick
Lauren  Wilcox Thomas Pipes
Megan Kelly Kye Hazelton
Chloe Blaydon Edward Martin
Hannah Dowell Ryan Cendrowski
Hannah Cox Steven Barrett
Katherine Williamson Danny Anderson
Callum Henley

Blog 2099: Arena A team

Here are the swimmers selected for the A team for round 2 of Arena league on 8th November 2014. Please tick off on the sheets at either West Park or Moorways or email me your availability please. The draw has yet to be made so we do not know where either team is at this time.

Harmony  Torrington Sky Torrington
Kathleen Humphrey Harrison Frearson
Imogen Mellor Benjamin Tipping
Katie Sanderson Samuel Hardy
Isabella Askham Bradley Evans
Lana Dilks Lewis Tipping
Aine O'Regan Thomas Strachen
Katie Sloan Oliver Dodic
Mollie Daniels Daniel Foss
Martina Drasnarova Mathew  Cross
Chloe Bates Samuel Frearson
Francessca Muir-Harris Rhys Llewellyn
Elle Pryce Daniel Wilson
Eden Michell Harry Charitos
Hannah Jones Kevin Wallbank
Joesphine Parker Mischa Menzies
Helen Gorman Adam Freundlich

Blog 2098: Leicester Penguins Open Meet Refunds

I now have the refund cheque and a list of the rejected entries from this open.
Where possible refunds will be made by bank transfer back to the account that the cheques for the entries were drawn on.
If you do not wish this to happen, or you paid by cash, please contact me on to arrange an alternative method of refund. Bank transfers will be processed on Friday 24th October.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Blog 2097: West Park Viewing Area Closure

Please be advised that the upstairs viewing area at West Park will be closed between 7-9pm on Tuesday 21st October due to a meeting. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blog 2096: Saturday 25th October 2014

There will be NO Swim or Land training sessions at West Park next Saturday Morning 25th October 2014, due to the Belper Marlin Meet at Matlock. Morning warm up is 8.30am

Thank you

Blog 2095: Parking at The Arc

Dear All,
BMSC have been contact via the ARc leisure Centre re Parking at the Event.
They are asking for people to use the car parks firstly then the driveway upto the Centre and finally the A^ and if neccesary parking in Matlock.
Anyone parking in the disabled places without a Disabled Pass will be ticketed.
Please DO NOT park up the road towards the Housing estate.
Thanks for you help in this matter.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blog 2094: The Power of the Parent

It sometimes may seem I'm down on parents but its far from it. Parents are the lifeblood of any club and need to be encouraged to be involved in as many ways as possible.  Without parents we wouldn't have a club. I do dream of the day that I can look up into the crowd and see all of our swimmers parents sat together in matching club supporters T-shirts, cheering in every swimmer in the club not just their own (hint hint :) ). I do believe in the continual education of all the clubs members so we are all singing from the same sheet. When I find useful tip bits I'll post them with an explanation. This is another article about the relation between a swimmer and  their parents that has a great message.  Again I'm not having a go at any parent here, merely educating and encouraging the correct interactions needed for a happy succesful swimmer/parent relationship. It is written by one of America's top coaches Mike Gustafson.

Blog 2093: Arena League

A fourth and a fifth for our Arena league teams in the first round this year. Whilst the results seem underwelming I have spent a long time analysing them and I am very pleased with the breakdown. Lets start with the non-performance points, team spirit was at an all time high in the A team, normally a high pressure event which forces swimmers into their shells we saw the opposite with everyone bonding and cheering each other on, behaviour and cleanliness were impeccable yet again and the swimmers were a credit to the club. My analysis of the results showed the vast majority of swimmers were either on pb, faster than pb or faster than this time last year and indeed in nearly every 11 year old age race we were a lot quicker than last season. All that being said you may wonder why were the results lower than anticipated and its a very simple reason. With a club our size (one of the smallest in Derbyshire with over 100 less members than the likes of Belper or Ripley) we are stretched to our limit in each age group bracket, unfortunately this meant that our 15 boys were 14 and our 13 boys and girls were mostly 12, we even had a few 9 year olds in the 11's and because of physical development it makes it hard to compete on a level playing field. Some may see this as a negative but I don't, I see a lot of positives, we were competitive even with bottom end age group swimmers as both galas were close in points totals, our 15+ swimmers were amazing, our youngest are stronger than before which can only bold well for the future and the vast majority will be in the same age bracket next season. This club is on the up and our performances are proving that, we are a fly weight boxer holding their own and in some cases out punching the heavyweights and I for one am very proud of this club.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blog 2092: Ponds Forge

The closing date for this gala is Friday 31st October.

Thank you

Blog 2091: Midland Championships Rugby 6th/7th December

The closing date for this gala is Monday 17th November, full details can be found at
Cheques made payable to LESC.
Thank you

Blog 2090: DX Christmas Cracker Level 1, Long Course

The closing date for DX Christmas cracker is November 17th, at Ponds forge, Sheffield. Full details can be found at
Please make cheques payable to LESC.
Thank you

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blog 2089: Long Eaton Open January 2015

Entries are now being taken for the January 15 open meet.

Entry information can be found on the website or through this link

This is a first come, first served, gala, closing date 5th January 2015, avoid delay to avoid disappointment

Monday, 13 October 2014

Blog 2088: Presentation Tickets

I will be coming over to Trent College this evening just before 7pm, If you want to buy some Presentation tickets these are priced at £5 per adult and £3 under 16's.

Thank you

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Blog 2087: Voting for Club Captains

We shall be giving all swimmers the opportunity to vote for their new Club Captains throughout this week. There will be chance to vote before and after training sessions at West Park and Trent College.
Each swimmer is entitled to vote once for both the Senior Female and Senior Male Captain and swimmers aged 11 and under by end of year are also entitled to vote once for both the Junior Girl and Junior Boy Captain.
Any swimmer not training this week or who misses the paper voting can email their votes to
Please register your votes by Sunday 19th October.

Blog 2086: Miami Travel Insurance

The Post Office seems to be the best bet for those requiring travel insurance.