Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Blog 2679: Chesterfield Gala

The closing date for this gala is Thursday 15th October.

Thank you

Blog 2678: Presentation Tickets

If anyone is wanting to purchase tickets for the presentation evening I will be popping to Trent College Wednesday at around 7pm. Tickets are £5.00 per adult and £3.00 under 16's.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Blog 2677: Lincoln Vulcans

I have just had an email asking if anyone could help at this Saturday's gala at Ponds Forge . There are looking for a few more officials, if you are able to help please contact Cheryl at the following website
Thank you

Blog 2676: Pride Before a Fall

Strange heading for an Arena League review but it will become clear.

Saturday night saw the first round of the Arena League for 2015. This is the national club competition and in a way swimming's version of football's FA cup and league system combined. Despite only have around 120 competitive members to select from, Long Eaton SC put out 2 competitive teams each year. The A team in the West Midlands Premier League and the B team in Division 3 alongside a lot of other clubs' A teams. The teams from each division are drawn into galas and compete against each other over 50 events, claiming 6 points for a win, down to one for 6th and 0 for a dq. The points are totaled at the end of the gala and the team with the most points wins. A further draw is made for round 2 and then the top 2 clubs from the top 3 galas go into the final in round 3 with the winners of the final going into a National Final between all the Divisions.

Saturday night saw 2 under strength Long Eaton teams shine. The A team, missing some key swimmers, battled it out in a very even draw to finally finish second by only 7 points, whilst the B team finished 4th, having been affected by the A teams needs. What was apparent, and what I am so proud of, was the level of swimming from both teams. The spirit, togetherness, skill level, determination, heart, desire and over all professionalism was on show for all to see and in the 5 years since I took over, the club has become unrecognizable from its former self in the most positive way. The steps taken by swimmers from the home programme, and those that train at DX, have been massive and can only lead to good things. The performance of the A team was so impressive that I didn't get to sleep till after half 3 on Sunday morning as I was buzzing about it. Not good when I was up at 7 to help all day with our open meet.

Then came they cherry on the cake, the B team standing tall and performing way beyond what was expected. Equalling the A team in every way and gaining massive amounts of respect from the other clubs and parents present judging by the reports I received on Sunday. A special mention is needed for the "13" year old boys, all of which were 12 or under, and were giving away feet in height to their opponents, but managed to stand tall and show amazing team spirit, giving it their everything for the team.

I don't normally gush as publicly as I have after the weekend; it's not in my nature as I always want more and do believe that pride comes before a fall. It is a failing of mine in some ways as we should shout about what an amazing club we have, the best in the Region in my opinion, certainly in terms of numbers of high level swimmers produced compared to total members, no one can compare with us. Maybe there will be a fall from all the pride that I am feeling now but it won't be because of anything the swimmers do if they keep performing in the manner they did on Saturday night. It's night like this that makes it all worthwhile, so please keep it up, keep developing and working smart with high levels of skill.

Blog 2675: Distance Meet Results

These are now available in downloadable, printable, form, on the club web-site.

Blog 2674: Thank You!

Thank You to everybody involved in the running of another successful Long Eaton Open Meet. Without your support we just could not continue to run these Open Meets which are our main source of additional income during the year. If you enjoyed the experience and want to join the team who are now moving on to organise the January Meet please contact the Club Chairman.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Blog 2673: Belper Marlin

The acceptance list is now available to view here
If there are any problems please can you email them directly.


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blog 2672: Arena League - Urgent

Can the following swimmers please let me know whether they are swimming or not this Saturday!

Hannah Dodic
Freya Birkin
Milly Wright
Pheobe Goulton
Rachel Elder
Emily Cragg
James Patterson
Alex Kitto
Rory Batchelor
Imogen Mellor-Patching

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Blog 2671: Judge 1 course

Make sure you get the best seat in the house at any gala.

Running a gala requires a significant number of people to organise and officiate.

The club and all clubs within the County and Region are always looking to get people involved in officiating to ensure that these event can be held for our swimmers.

Becoming a Judge is rewarding and enjoyable. You do not need a technical knowledge of swimming, all you need to know will be learned during your training.

The club are looking to put on a Judge 1 training course. If you are interested in becoming an Official please complete the form found here and post in the club letter box.

If you would like further information do not hesitate to ask.

We really do need you!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Blog 2670: Final meet of cycle one

The club will be entering a level 3 meet on the final weekend of this cycle so that everyone can finish it off with a race. The weekend will be 19th/20th of December which is the same weekend as Nationals. I will confirm over the next couple of days whether we are doing Chesterfield or Leeds that weekend.

Blog 2669: City of Leicester Meet

This meet is on the gala programme to give those swimmers close to Nationals a last shot at getting their qualifying times, also those swimmers with National times an additional race against high level opponents to sharpen them up for Nationals.

Blog 2268: DX Short Course Open Meet

Another amazing meet for LESC swimmers. Competing against high level opposition, LESC swimmers looked the part. Great skills and technical racing throughout the weekend with some really good early season results. Again we put a focus on Process instead of outcome and early season this is how it should be. I noticed a few other coaches who were there the previous weekend following suit this weekend with their swimmers. Right now we are setting up for the season ahead, building plans and pointing out areas of weakness that need improving. Those of you who have kept your process sheets, well done as these are a useful tool to look back and remind yourself what you as an individual need to be working on in training, be it underwater skills, quick rotation, reducing stoke counts or points of technique, these are your tools to quicker swimming. Remember the outcome (time) is a result of the process.

A gentle reminder that swimmers, from the moment they walk into a building for a gala to the moment they leave, they are representing LESC and as such I expect high levels of professionalism throughout. Not only being on time for pre pool, warm ups and pre race chats, but in behavior as well, wear your kit with pride, no walking around without it on, keep your area clean and tidy, lead the way and show other teams how professionals do it, do not stoop down to their levels, a clean area will have a psychological affect on your swimming in a positive manor, a messy one will deliver messy results. Being a champion is not about the lengths you do in a race but about the lengths you go to, to live as a champion all the time.

Blog 2667: Loughborough/Queens Street

Due to the Long Eaton Distance meet taking place this Sunday there will be NO training at Queens Street and Loughborough.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Blog 2666: DX meet 3rd/4th October

Please do not take any bags on poolside, and make sure that you are dry before entering the gym.

The warm up times for this weekend  gala are:
8.00am for 9.00am start
1.00pm for 2.00pm start

Please check the website for any warm up changes.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blog 2665: Hell Week

Hell Week is a time honored tradition in all sports, it gives coaches a chance to push the envelop, raise the bar and use any other excuse to just batter their athletes. Personally I really don't like the idea of it in swimming as coaches tend to just go for ridiculous amounts of meters without thinking of the consequences. That being said I will be running one this year for Youth and Senior and YNS Prestige with an intensive of a T shirt saying that you survived hell week at the end of it. To get the T shirt you must complete every session and every challenge, we are looking at possibly diluting the challenges to the other squads but a lot of thought and planning will need to go into it to make it right for the age of swimmer. The week will be between 26th October and 1st of November. I am well aware that Ghoul in the pool is in this week and any necessary adjust will be made bearing in mind this is not a focus meet. Here are the challenges for Hell Week.

Monday am 50 x 50 off 50 every 5th rep fly 
Tuesday pm 10 x medley man ups 
Wednesday am 15 x 100 sock or trainer kick 
Wednesday pm 40 reps of 50 under 200 pace 
Thursday pm 10 mins vertical fly kick 
Friday am 20 x 100 im 
Friday pm 10 rounds of the undertaker 
Sunday 10 x 100 at pb + 12 or quicker

Gym for those in prestige will also be included in this. Turnaround times other than those mentioned will be decided at the session along with the rules for each challenge, some of which will need parental help in terms of recording etc. Once challenges are complete for the session swimmers can recovery.

Blog 2664: Team Kit

Swimmers at Arena League will be provided with a team T shirt to wear at all 3 rounds, this way we are ensuring all team members wear the same kit. If parents want a T shirt as well please contact me with your size Small, Medium or Large (these are screen stars, fruit of the loom t shirts, you now know as much as me about the sizes so please no dress size, age size or inch size orders) They will cost £5 each for parents.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog 2663: Long Eaton Swimming Club Distance Meet Help Required!!!!

An urgent appeal for help at our annual distance meet 11th October at Queens Street.

We are short of officials, timekeepers, health and safety supervisors and an announcer for this event.

There are four sessions throughout the day 8.30, 11.30, 13.45 and 16.30.

If you have any spare time on that Sunday please volunteer to support this important event in the club's calendar.

Email chair@longeatonswimmingclub.org.uk

Blog 2662:Arena Team B

The warm up time for the B Team is 6.15pm and not 6pm at Bramcote due to a pool party taking place.


Blog 2661: Derbyshire Sprints 50m Pool

Please find details of this gala on the following website http://www.derbyshireswimming.org.uk/index.php/competitions/50m-competition

This will be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield and the date is Sunday 6th December, this a great meet and gives you all the chance to swim in a 50m pool.
The closing date for this gala will be 29th October 2015.
Cheques made payable to Long Eaton Swim Club


Blog 2660: Chesterfield Christmas Cracker Level 3 28th/29th November

Please find details on the following website for this meet http://www.chesterfieldsc.co.uk/cscopenmeethappychristmas.html

This is a first come first served gala so please can you let me have all your entries to me by 15th October 2015.

Please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swim Club