Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Blog 3087: Arena Teams

Here are the team confirmations for this weekend.

A Team
Isabel Wright Freya Birkin Hattie Cook Jemma Dilley
Isabella Askham Harmony Torrington Imogen Mellor-Patching Chloe Pearson
Mimi Quniton Naomi Dilley Bethany Rae-Mclean Aine O Regan
Emily Osbourne Hannah Cox Chloe Bates Helen Gorman
Sky Torrington William Baxter Frederick Buckingham Benjamin Mellor
Rory Batchelor

Bradley Evans Luke Witten George Buckingham Finlay Moss
Theo Hamilton Thomas Strachen Joshua Davis  
Harry Charitos Adam Freundlich Steve Barrett Rhys Llewellyn
Sam Pearson


To Confirm Corey Minott Phoebe Goulton   

B Team
Matilda Hase Scarlet Wood Sophie Goodman Su Alpan
Summer Wood Hannah Dodic Hannah Searby Jasmine Bryan
Lauren Searby Caitlin Hutcheson Lana Dilks  
Megan Kelly Esther Halford Chloe Blaydon  
Joesph Cooper Ewan Ascott James Bartram  
Joseph Searby

Daniel Foss Benajmin Webster Thomas Baxter James Cox
Sam Parker James Webster Sam Frearson  



To Confirm Oren Morton George Amor-Hughes  
To Confirm Leanne Atkins Laura Ford Katie Cooke

Additions if available Mollie Daniels Joshua Bestwick Oliver Osbourne
please notify me ASAP Patrick Odonell Lukas Barto-Smith  

To Confirm Oren Morton George Amor-Hughes
To Confirm Leanne Atkins Laura Ford Katie Cooke

Additions if available Mollie Daniels Joshua Bestwick Oliver Osbourne
please notify me ASAP Patrick Odonell Lukas Barto-Smith

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blog 3086: Time Trial 10th December

The draft programme for this weekend can be found here

Please email any withdrawal ASAP

Monday, 5 December 2016

Blog 3085: of Sheffield SC March Madness Long Course Level 3 Meet

I am now accepting entries for this gala - although it is a Long Course meet it is a Level 3 so entries are being accepted on a first come first served basis. The meet will be held on Sunday 12th March at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.
To enable us to have as much chance as possible of our entries being accepted I am putting the closing date for entries as  FRIDAY 7TH JANUARY 2017.
Please post your entries in the box at West Park with a cheque payable to LESC - we will be sending entries electronically so the cost will be £6 per race but as per blog number 3079, please add a further £1 to your overall cost to cover the additional cost of coaches passes.
The meet information can be found here:

Thank you

Blog 3084: LESC January Open Meet 2017

I currently have the following entries for our 20th Annual Open Meet on the 29th January 2017:

Boys:                                                                                       Girls:
George Amor - Hughes                                                           Isabella Askham
Ewan Ascott                                                                            Hattie Cook
James Bartram                                                                        Freya Cook
Rory Batchelor                                                                        Katie Cooke
Tom Baxter                                                                             Lana Dilks
William Baxter                                                                       Phoebe Golton
Joshua Bestwick                                                                     Matilda Hase
Fred Buckingham                                                                   Tamzin Meese
George Buckingham                                                               Eve Musson
Thomas Dalton                                                                       Aine O'Regan
Dan Foss                                                                                 Chloe Pearson
Theo Hamilton                                                                        Hannah Searby
William Mellor                                                                       Lauren Searby
Ben Mellor                                                                              Summer Wood
Finlay Moss
Joseph Searby
Aaron Simpson
Chris Stray
Sky Torrington
Ben Webster
James Webster
Mackenzie Willey
Luke Witten

As this is our 20th Open Meet we would like to see as many LESC swimmers there as possible.

Please could you let me have all entry forms by Thursday 15th December in order that I can process them all before the Christmas break.

Many thanks.

Blog 3083: Chesterfield SC Winter Open Meet Dec 2016

Please find attached the list of accepted entries for this open meet.
There are only 2 rejections:
Steve Barratt 100 free
Sam Parker 100 free
as this race was full before their entries were received.

If there are any errors please notify
Withdrawals -

Please make withdrawals prior to the start of the meet to or to the desk at the front of the balcony during the meet but before the start of the warm up for the relevant session to avoid unnecessary delays in competition.

As a reminder please note than warm up for session one is at 1pm on Saturday 17th December.

Chesterfield SC are now asking for support with licensed or trainee officials. If you are free to help at any session please e mail fionacritchlow@icloud .com with details of the session you are available and your qualification.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blog 3082: Chesterfield Super Sprint Meet

Last Saturday, it was good to see a large group of 30 plus swimmers headed to the Chesterfield super sprint open meet. In what at times, seemed like a Chesterfield/Long Eaton Duel in the pool meet, we competed well in all the age group categories with limited rest intervals between events, and still managing to average an over 80% PB ratio. Taking top visiting club and Finlay Moss taking top boy, it was a very successful open meet for the club, making great strides to finishing off the year well and having another successful competition in a few weeks at Chesterfields Winter Open Meet.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Blog 3081: Stock Clearance

As we will shortly be changing the system for selling equipment, we are having a stock clearance at bargain prices.

Items available include:
Various sizes of hand paddles
Various sizes of fins
A snorkel
Assorted floats and kickboards
Training drag shorts
Stretch cords

This will all be available to view and purchase next Saturday morning at the time trials (8am on the 10th) but if you have any specific requirements please email and we will check the stock for you.


Blog 3080: LESC Committee Members

Following our AGM on the 19th November the committee membership has been updated on our website

We are delighted to welcome three new members: -

  1. Steve Tremain joins us as a Vice President
  2. Mike Hase will be taking on the mantle of Swim 21 Co-ordinator
  3. Emily Askham joins as Assistant Treasurer

There have been a number of role reassignments: -

  1. Angela Hidle will move back to the role of Vice President
  2. Sarah Pearson moves into the Swimming Secretary position
  3. Debbie Blaydon becomes our Social Secretary

After several years of service Kevin Dilks will be stepping down, I hope you will join me in thanking Kevin for his contributions as a committee member.

Remember you do not have to join the committee to support the activities of the club, there are a huge range of opportunities to get involved, if you are interested please email

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blog 3079: Gala Entries

Due to changes how galas are marshalled and a desire to comply with ASA recommendations relating to the ratio of team managers to swimmers it has become necessary to add a fee of £1 per swimmer to gala entries.

This pound will go to cover the costs of team manager and coaching passes that the club incurs.

These charges will be applied from entries for the 2017 Derbyshire counties onwards.

Blog 3078:Derbyshire County Championships 2017

The details for the County Championships 2017 are now available here

Please note that all entry times must be taken from the ASA Database which can be found here

I will be accepting entries up to the 9th January 2016 - please post your entries in the post box with a cheque payable to LESC.

Blog 3077: Land Training week ending 11.12.2016

Due to work being carried out at West Park the following land sessions are cancelled.

Monday Midland squad 6:30-7:30pm
Thursday AM National squad 6:15-7:15

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blog 3076: Arena League Venues

The A team are at Stechford and the bus will leave West Park at 4pm.

Stechford Cascades
Station Road
B33 8QN


The B team are at Hucknall and the warm up is at 6pm. Please arrive prior to 5:45

Hucknall Leisure Centre
Linby Road, Hucknall,
Nottinghamshire NG15 7TX

Blog 3075: City of Derby Level 1 Open Meet 14/15 January 2017

I am now accepting entries for this open meet. Please note this is Level 1 meet and will be on fastest accepted swims.

Please note this will be a short entry window  - please ensure I have all entries by MONDAY 5TH DECEMBER at the latest.

The entry information can be found here

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Blog 3074: Derbyshire Sprints

The warm up time for this weekend's gala is 8.30am at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. If you need to withdraw from any races please could you email them directly (text to 07929 377809 if on the day).
Thank you

Monday, 28 November 2016

Blog 3073: What a Weekend Part 2

A small band of Long Eaton Masters swimmers competed at Alfreton at the weekend in Etwall Eagles Masters Open, which incorporates the Derbyshire Masters Championships.
Every LESC competitor is now a County Champion at least once over : Maggi Tuck (5), Matt Leach (4), Mary Holland (2) and Martin James and Julie Phillips (1 each). Overall age group wins went to Maggi and Mary, with Mary retaining the trophy for breaking a meet record by the largest percentage margin (20.24s for 25m Butterfly against the previous record of 29.09s).

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blog 3072: What A Weekend

LESC head into the final phase of cycle 1 for this season on fire.

Top Club at the Chesterfield Winter sprints meet with Finlay Moss taking Top Boy.

All Long Eaton DX swimmers competing at Coventry helping DX take Top Club with Harmony Torrington taking Top 12 year old girl.

A small band of home based swimmers at the City of Sheffield Snow Frills meet competing Long Course for the first time this season, mid cycle, coming away with an 80% PB ratio against the swims they finished last cycle rested and tapered for whilst only focusing on process goals and race tactics.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Blog 3071: Arena Teams

Can the following swimmers please let me know if they are or are not available for the last round of Arena League by 1st December 2016. Either email me or tick or cross the sheet at West Park.

Available Available Available
Isabel Wright Sky Torrington Katie Cooke Joesph Cooper
Freya Birkin William Baxter Matilda Hase Ewan Ascott
Phoebe Golton Frederick Buckingham Scarlet Wood Aaron Simpson
Hattie Cook Benjamin Mellor Sophie Goodman George Amor-Hughes
Jemma Dilley Rory Batchelor Su Alpan James Bartram
Isabella Askham Bradley Evans Summer Wood Harrison Frearson
Harmony Torrington Luke Witten Hannah Dodic Joseph Searby
Imogen Mellor-Patching George Buckingham Hannah Searby Ryan Ashton
Chloe Pearson Finlay Moss Jasmine Bryan George Casartille
Oren Morton
Mimi Quniton Corey Minott Anna Pancisi Reeshav Mukherjee
Naomi Dilley Theo Hamilton Lauren Searby
Bethany Rae-Mclean Thomas Strachen Caitlin Hutcheson Daniel Foss
Aine O Regan Joshua Davis Laura Ford Benajmin Webster
Lana Dilks Thomas Baxter
Emily Osbourne Kevin Wallbank James Cox
Hannah Cox Harry Charitos
Chloe Bates Adam Freundlich Megan Kelly Sam Parker
Helen Gorman Steve Barrett Esther Halford Sam Pearson
Rhys Llewellyn Chloe Blaydon Matt Leech

Leanne Atkins James Webster

Elizabeth Simpson Sam Frearson

Blog 3070: Land Training

As the City of Sheffield gala is taking place there will be NO land training for those who usually attend Spencer's Saturday morning session at West Park.
Thank you

Blog 3069: Chesterfield

Please note the warm up session has now changed to 4.00pm and not 4.30pm as previously stated.
Thank you

Monday, 21 November 2016

Blog 3068: Chesterfield Gala 26th November

The warm up times for this Saturday is 1pm for 2pm start and 4.30pm for 5.30pm start.
Please check web site for any changes.
Thank you