Friday, 14 December 2018

Blog 3591: Derbyshire County Championships 2019

Now that last weekend's long course Champs are done, entries are open for next year's short course County Championships.

Dates: 16th/17th and 23rd/24th February 2019
Venue: The Arc, Matlock
Entry fee: £6/event (plus £1 per swimmer for coach passes)
Schedule of events:  here
Qualifying times: here (ages at 31 Dec 2019)
Entry pack: here
Closing date: Monday 14th January 2019

This meet is open to all who have achieved the qualifying times.  Times must be recorded in the British Swimming database.

The closing date has been delayed so that swims from the Long Eaton Open Meet on 13th January can be used to qualify.  Collating entries for Counties is a big job however, so if any swimmers already have their qualifying times, please can they submit their entries as soon as possible to keep entries / checking / submission work to a minimum in that final week.

Thanks in advance.

Blog 3590: Officials needed for Chesterfield meet this Sunday

Chesterfield have emailed today to say they are still short of officials this Sunday.  If any parents are able to help, please contact Liz Simpson (but not if you've already volunteered for the Big50!).

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Blog 3589: Test week 200s for JD1 & JD2

JD1 & JD2 squads will do their 200m swim tests (frontcrawl & IM) on Saturday morning -
7.30 - 9.00am at West Park.

Blog 3588: Training cancellations this weekend

As per Blog 3582, please note the following training cancellations this weekend:

Saturday 15th:
No Saturday a.m. sessions for County, Midland or National squads.

Sunday 16th:
No training at QLC for County / Midland squads
No training at Loughborough for National squad

These cancellations are due to the Chesterfield Meet taking place at Matlock.

Sunday 16th - Big50
Please also note that the club's Big50 gala will take place on Sunday 16th at West Park Leisure Centre.  This will replace the normal JD2 training session, so any swimmers who have not entered this event should not expect to train.  Warm up for this event is at 5.30pm.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Blog 3587: Timekeeping Can Be Just The Start

Club Treasurer and National Squad swimmer, Helen is in Hangzhou, China, officiating at the FINA World Short Course Championships.

One of just five English Referees on the FINA International Panel, Helen has officiated across the globe at a number of World and European events, as well as British and Home Nation Championships.

At the time of qualifying, Helen was the youngest Referee in the country, and she can be seen on deck at all levels, from our Club Championships, to World Championships.

Fancy this? Helen started as a Timekeeper. See Blog 3586 !

Blog 3586 - Big 50 - timekeepers and helpers needed

We are desperately short of volunteers to help run our 'Big 50' event this Sunday 16th December at West Park.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved and help out - and this usually comes with a poolside view! A great way to start volunteering with the club is to take on a health and safety marshal role - or learn to be an event timekeeper.

Steve Tremain will be running a timekeepers course for beginners before the gala on Sunday for anyone who is interested in taking on this role. It's a great way to help out at club galas and team competitions - not only does it guarantee a great view of your child swimming but also means you save on entry costs! If you would like to try this, please be at West Park viewing area at 4:45pm on Sunday, where Steve will meet you and take you through the basics.

We can't run competitions such as these without parent volunteers - so if you would like to give something back to the club and help the swimmers have a great experience on Sunday, and at future events - please let us know.

If anyone is interested to help in any way, please contact Leeanne at

Monday, 10 December 2018

Blog 3585: Weekend round up

First of two full weekends of galas at the end of the first cycle of the season completed.

Highlights from this weekend.

1. Staying in the premier division for the national arena league, when you only have around 80 swimmers to choose from having a full team is vital, we didn’t in any round with at least a fifth of the first team missing each round, this makes staying up and performing as well as we did against much larger clubs even more impressive.

2. A special mention to the 15 year old boys relay team of Bradley Evans, Matt Fearn, Daniel Mcferran and Finlay Moss who won all six of their relays during the league competition.

3. A great turn out at County Long Course Champs on Sunday. After 4 events we had a 99.9% PB rate, this naturally lowered during the day as swimming back to back events is tough especially on youth and senior swimmers but we still ended the day in the 60%’s. Which is an amazing effort for a none focus meet where swimmers had the choice of which kit to race in.

4. Great to see the loyalty displayed by all of our swimmers including the Derventio excel swimmers over the weekend. It was noticeable that a lot of swimmers had moved club, but ours have stayed true to us despite approaches being made. Loyalty like this can not be brought with offers of free membership etc and these swimmers prove that in this quick fix era there are still some class acts about.

5. The skills and knowledge on display, along with willingness to learn and develop from the swimmers. These athletes are up before school, college or even work to train, then after a full day go training again whilst still managing their time to get home work etc done. Swimming is a tough sport and it is no wonder employers look for swimmers. Their dedication is second to none. A lot of the older swimmers were developing meet management skills, racing back to back, managing their time and bodies, to ensure they could perform time and time again. The noticeable thing from all the swims, even the very tired ones towards the end of the day was that the skill levels didn’t drop, nor did the tactical awareness.

6. A personal one, pride does come before a fall, but even so I have to say that I am proud to of helped developed some amazing people, not just athletes but people, their behaviour and actions can be a direct reflection of the leadership they are given and hopefully it is, because I am truly proud of all of them (frustrated occasionally yes) the behaviour, team spirit, togetherness and desire to improve themselves is incredible. Long may it continue.

Blog 3584: Leicester League Round1

Can the following swimmers please let Ollie know ASAP if they are available for the 1st round of the Leicester league on January 5th at Braunstone.

Oliver Tipping                           Summer Wood
Lewis Tipping                           Chloe Blaydon
Dan Foss                                    Lauren Searby
Matt Fearn                                 Aine O'Regan
Rory Batcheor                           Estella Pendry 
Ewan Ascott                              Abbie Hall
Ben Tipping                               Isabella Moody
Joseph Searby                            Hannah Searby
Christopher Oliver                     Alice Leek
Thomas Dalton                          Maddie Hayden 
Jospeh Cooper                           Phoebe Warwick
Oliver Addington                       Ruby Ireland
William Dalton                          Miley Aram
Ted Pyefinch                              Emmanuela Amromagwho 
Kai Ward                                   Jessica Parry
Harry Allen                               Phoebe Hayden
Ben Cami                                   Isla Love

Friday, 7 December 2018

Blog 3583: Christmas inflatable session!

The club has arranged a session at West Park on their new Aqua Run inflatable.  This will take place from 7.30 - 8.30pm on Thursday 20th December.

The session is open to all squads from JD1 up.

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Blog 3582: Christmas Break

The club starts it's Christmas Break on Monday 17th December.

Final swim sessions will be on Sunday 16th December.

That said, please note the following cancellations for 15th / 16th:

Saturday 15th:
No Saturday a.m. sessions for County, Midland or National squads.

Sunday 16th:
No training at QLC for County / Midland squads
No training at Loughborough for National squad

These cancellations are due to the Chesterfield Meet taking place at Matlock.

Sunday 16th - Big50
Please also note that the club's Big50 gala will take place on Sunday 16th at West Park Leisure Centre.  This will replace the normal JD2 training session, so any swimmers who have not entered this event should not expect to train.  Warm up for this event is at 5.30pm.

Training restarts on Wednesday 2nd January (all squads / pools).

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Unfortunately we have been let down by the bus company and are no longer able to provide a bus to this Saturday's Arena B Team gala at Cheslyn Hay.  Every effort has been made, but given the time of year and the short notice, we have not been able to find a replacement.

The venue postcode is WS6 7JQ.  Warm up is at 6.00, so swimmers should aim to get there for about 5.30pm.

Blog 3580: Jeopardy Change

Instead of the answers being about British, European and World records this category will now be County and Regional Qualifying times

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Blog 3579: Info for County Long Course Champs - Sunday 9th December

Please see the following info received regarding this Sunday's County Long Course competition at Sheffield:

There will be two, twenty five minute, sessions:

10:00am to 10.25am - Girls
10:30am to 10.55am - Boys

All lanes will be for free warm up for the first 10 minutes of each warm up session. The direction of
swimming is clockwise in odd numbered lanes and anti-clockwise in even numbered lanes.

For the final 15 minutes of each warm up session Lanes 0, 1, 8 and 9 are for start/ sprint lanes. There will be NO DIVING ALLOWED in the other lanes unless otherwise announced.

Lanes 2 to 7 are for free warm up throughout the 25 minute sessions unless otherwise announced.

All swimmers should enter the water at the diving pit end of the pool, lowering themselves carefully into the water, and leave by the sides at the scoreboard end, crossing other lanes only when it is safe to do so and without inconveniencing other swimmers.

There will be similar sessions, in this case Boys first, during the lunchtime interval.

The diving pit is available for continuous warm up or warm down except when the main pool is available.

Coaches are responsible for the supervision of their own swimmers.

It is requested that bags and equipment are kept in lockers. Swim bags should not be taken onto the
poolside where possible (only a small drawstring type bag to hold goggles, towel & a drink should be taken onto poolside).

Swimmers are not to take food on poolside and additional chairs (if used) are to be kept out of the way of the officials to allow for easy passage.

Shoes must be worn in all other areas of the leisure centre apart from the pool hall.

Clubs have the option of where they would like to sit throughout the event. If they wish clubs may use the right hand side of the seating area (when entering from the café) or around the poolside. It is requested that should clubs and swimmers sit in the tier seating area, that swimmers are dry and not wet to reduce the chances of slippery steps and walkways.

Swimmers should be fully clothed if they walk around areas away from the poolside.

All swimmers must get changed in the changing rooms and not on poolside. Swimmers will be warned if caught contravening this rule and multiple offenders may be disqualified from the event.

Only club officials (with poolside passes) and swimmers will be allowed to access the right hand side of the tiered seating area and the poolside. Health & Safety stewards will be in place to monitor this.

Spectators will be situated on the left hand side of the tiered seating and will not be allowed access to the swimmers’ area.

• The fire alarm is a standard siren with a voice over directing swimmers.
• In the event of an evacuation swimmers will be lined up and should follow the directions of the leisure centre staff. At no point should swimmers return to the changing rooms – foil blankets will be issued as necessary.
• No drills are planned during the event.
• If a rescue needs to be performed, all persons must leave the pool in an orderly manner. All spectators and swimmers should leave the pool area to give privacy to the casualty.
• Lifeguards take priority and swimmers/spectators should not hinder staff in carrying out their duties.
• No glass on poolside.
• No large bags on poolside.
• All emergency exits are to be kept clear.
• No running on poolside.
• No outdoor shoes on poolside.
• Only drinks in plastic bottles are allowed on poolside.
• No food on poolside.

Competitors wishing to withdraw must do so by emailing: After 8:30pm on the 8th December withdrawals must be done so by sending a text message to 07929377809.  Please use competitor numbers published in the draft programme on the Derbyshire ASA website (here).

If anyone is able to help on the day, please contact me (Liz Simpson) and I will pass your details on.

Derbyshire ASA has entered into a partnership with SportySwim and official merchandise will be available for the County Championships for the first time.  Towels, caps and more are all available to purchase now - items can be purchased direct from Sporty Swim via their website:

Sporty Swim will also be at the event on Sunday, where items can be viewed and ordered in advance of the 2019 championships.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Blog 3578: Training cancellations this Sunday 9th December

The following training sessions are cancelled this Sunday 9th December:

National Squad - Loughborough 4-6pm
Midland & County Squads - Queen Street 4-6pm
JD2 - West Park 5.30-7pm

These cancellations are due to the County Long Course Championships taking place at Sheffield.

Blog 3577: Saturday 8th Midland and Nationals swim session

On Saturday 8th we will playing a game of Jeopardy so swimmers are advised to learn about Long Course British, European and World records and Olympic Champions over the last 22 years.

Blog 3576: End of Cycle Tests

JD 2 swimmers your end of cycle tests start this Thursday. Will all other squads please be aware that with the introduction of the new Turn Test their cycle tests may be starting early as well.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Blog 3575: Etwall Eagles Masters Open

A small group of Long Eaton Masters competed at the 14th Etwall Eagles Masters Open Meet this weekend.  This is one of the last meets of the year, and an event that Long Eaton has supported from the very beginning.   Leanne Atkins, Martin James, Julie Phillips, Mary Holland and Masters’ coach Maggi Tuck joined “Feargal Sharkey”, the team’s mascot, for a day of fast swimming at Alfreton Leisure Centre. 
With an emphasis on “process”, it was  great to see everyone stepping up to the mark and holding their skills and technique throughout.  There is more work to be done, but  Maggi is pleased with the progress being made by everyone. 
The meet also doubles as the Derbyshire Masters County Championships, and it was encouraging for the team to end the year with four multiple county champions in Leanne (who trains with the club’s National Squad), Julie, Mary, and Maggi.  Unfortunately Martin had some really stiff competition from other Derbyshire competitors, but there is always next year!
Leanne won both the 100m and 50m freestyle (30-34), Julie’s county medals were won in the 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke and 100m IM events (60-64), Mary is a three-times county medal winner for 50m and 100m freestyle and 50m backstroke, with Maggi winning 6 county medals for 50m in all four strokes, 100m backstroke and 100m IM (55-59). 
Mary was the winner of the Record Breaker Trophy, taking an impressive 17 seconds off the previous 100m freestyle meet best time – an overall improvement of 19.4% on the previous record.
Long Eaton SC was also represented by Helen Akers and Angela Hidle, who gave up their time to officiate at the event. 
The squad will be looking forward to a well-deserved break over the Christmas holiday, with the hard work starting again in January as competitors focus on preparation for the CABSC Masters Open Meet in March.

Mary Holland receiving the Record Breaker Trophy from Derbyshire ASA President Ian Davey.

Blog 3574 - Reminder - Big 50 entries - County, JD2 & JD1 squads

Entries for the club's Big50 meet close this Wednesday 28th November.  Entries into the box at West PArk by 8.00pm, please.

Blog 3573: Reminder - City of Derby entries - National Squad

Entries for the January City of Derby meet close this Friday (30th) - entries into the box at WP by 9.00pm, please.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Blog 3572: Simple act of kindness

For most of us, Christmas is a happy time, full of excitement and spending time with our family. For some however, it can be a very difficult time. We recently donated £500 to the Canaan Trust and we hope that the Club will be generous again in supporting our appeal to help those who are homeless or in need in our local area. Please help us bring a little happiness to those who are less fortunate, with a simple act of kindness.

How can you help
The Canaan Trust has provided a ‘suggestion’ list of potential items which would help them to make up Christmas Goody Bags to be distributed at a Community Christmas Lunch on 17th December.

Please hand any items to your Squad Rep by Friday 7th December.

Thank you and any queries, please feel free to contact me on