Friday, 19 September 2014

Blog 2057: Arena Team

I have finally finished picking the teams for Arena League. The A team are at Worcester again and the B team are waiting to hear where Etwall Eagles will be hosting their gala.The team as always has been picked using both the British rankings system and coach knowledge to maximize the points potential for the club. As we have a gala weekend the weekend before, performances at these meets will influence the final selection so swimmers not selected have a chance to get into the team and swimmers in the B team have a chance to claim an A team place. Again this will all be subject to coaches discretion and the coaches decision is final. Please either email me or tick off on the boards at either Moorways or West Park ASAP so we can get the strongest teams we can.

Blog 2056: DX

There is a rejected and accepted list on the DX website.

Thank you

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blog 2055: Race suit offer

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Exclusive blueseventy racesuit offers

Blueseventy are offering big discounts on race swimwear, exclusive to Long Eaton. The orange race suit is being replaced with another colour next year so they have offered us 40% off the retail price while stocks last. If your size is sold out, they will offer 30% off black suits instead – limited time offer only!

Via the website, please use the following codes to purchase.
Orange: orangeandproud – 40% off orange suits
Black: LESC30 – 30% off all other suits

The size chart is here: - if you’re not sure what size to order then ask around other swimmers who already have a suit.

Now is a good time to buy a race suit with lots of galas and the Arena League coming up. Some suits from a year ago may now be worn out because the chlorine eats away at them and kids may have grown out of their old suits.

The blueseventy suits are fully bonded, which is faster than stitching, but does mean they have to be looked after and rinsed out with cold water after every use. Many swimmers that bought race suits for the first time last year did PBs as soon as they wore them.

This discount offer expires at the end of October.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Blog 2054: Age Group Prestige

Land training for Age Group Prestige on Wednesdays will start at 7pm and will be the full pre-pool programme provided.

Blog 2053: Belper Marlin

The closing date for Belper Marlins Ghoul in the pool is 25th September, full details can be found on Blog 2038.

Thank you

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Blog 2052: LESC Coaching Staff

This season, the Club has had to make changes to the coaching structure, which has led to Bob Cherry being asked to step down from his previous role as a squad coach. 
However I am pleased to say that Bob remains a valued member of the coaching staff.
Bob will be delivering our Friday morning session, and working alongside Alex on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

Bob will continue to manage and lead our Leicester League team which provides valuable competition experience to swimmers.

Blog 2051: Club Championships - Final Results

The results from the Long Distance events on Saturday, 13th September are here .

The final BAGCAT points scores after completion of all the events can be found here.

Following completion of the 2014 Club Championships, a full listing of all the Competition Best Times can be downloaded from the left-hand side of this page.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Blog 2050 : An Interesting read

With gala season coming up the role of the parent is more important than ever. Yes parents you have an important role to play, with many parts including cheerleader, taxi driver, finacial backer, kit manager, nutritional support and volunteer. We do not underestimate the important roll of the parent, all we as coaches ask in return is your support our decisions and let us do our job, we need to see your swimmer straight after they race so we can give them feedback to help them get better so if they come to you say "well done now go see your coach, I'm proud of you". All of our staff are qualified with years of experience and we will be working with your swimmer on different tatics and technical points so the less input on these areas they get from elsewhere the less confussion the swimmer suffers and the quicker they will improve.

Please read the following article as it is interesting and has some great advice. Thank you for your support.

Blog 2049: Acceptance/Rejections List for Leicester Penguins

Please check the following site for the list of accepted/rejections list.

Refunds will be given to those who have swims rejected.

Belper Marlins is still open for entries.

Thank you

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blog 2048: Chesterfield Christmas Meet

I am now taking entries for the Chesterfield meet which will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November.

Full details can be found at

This is a first come first served gala, I will be closing this gala on Friday October 10th, I will not accept any entries after this date.  Cheques made payable to LESC.

Thank you


Monday, 8 September 2014

Blog 2047: Y N S Prestige land training

A reminder to all YNS Prestige swimmers that tonight's session starts at 8pm at Unit D2, Westend Mills, Leopold St. LE
NG10 4QD
Remember your Log Books

Blog 2046: Draft Programme for 800m and 1500m Club Championship events

The draft programme for the Long Distance events to be held on Saturday, 13th September is here
If you do not intend to swim, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We swam two heats of three last Saturday because somebody didn't turn up and didn't let us know.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blog 2045: Results from Saturday's Club Championship Long Distance Events

The results from the Long Distance events on Saturday, 6th September are here

Friday, 5 September 2014

Blog 2044: A and Age Group Prestige Friday night training

 A and Age group Prestige are at Trent College tonight not West Park

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blog 2043: Club Championships 400m Events

The Draft Programme for this Saturday, 6th September, is here If you do not intend to swim, please let us know so that we are not swimming additional heats and empty lanes. Warm up is 6:00pm.

Blog 2042: Miami Deposits

Deposits should have been in as of 31st August. We will extend this to 8th of September 2014. We need to get flights and accommodation booked ASAP. The pool is booked. Dates are 2nd February till 14th February 2015.

Blog 2041: Derby Triathlon

 Congratulations to the LESC Trio, who came 1st out of the relay teams. Chloe Blaydon who did a 400m Swim, Christopher Stray who did a 20k bike ride and Lauren Wilcox who did a 5K run.
Well done to all the Long Eaton swimmers who competed at the Derby Triathlon last Sunday.
Pictured are the Junior swimmers, Imogen Mellor-Patching, Freya Humphrey, Harmony Torrington, Sky Torrington, Kathleen Humphrey, Rory Batchelor, and Benjamin Mellor.

Blog 2040:Y N S/ Prestige land training tonight

Tonights land training will start at around 7pm at West Park and we will be going through the pre pool routine, swimmers are encouraged to wear swim kit under their land kit for a fast transition between land and pool.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blog 2039: Forthcoming Galas

There is a list of up and coming galas on the Long Eaton Web Site for information, this has dates of gala's, closing dates and events happening over the next few months.
Go to  the Gala Programme and then Competition Calendar. Once you have done this, then click on the date and information can be found regarding gala's etc.
I will be blogging entry details closer to each gala.

Thank you

Blog 2038: Belper Marlin Ghoul in the Pool

I am now accepting entries for this gala which will take place Saturday 25th October 2014. Full details can be found at

This gala is aimed at swimmers who compete in YNS, A, B and C squads.

The closing date for this gala is 25th September 2014. Please make sure all entries are received by this date and cheques made payable to LESC.

Thank you