Thursday, 23 July 2020

Blog 2020-93 Land Training groups

An amazing response for this, thank you. we have 51 swimmers placed their names down so far. Due to a recent change in guidance we can now have groups of 15 training together. Below are the groups.
These will be your training groups and times for the duration of this.

We have 1 space at 9am, 2 at 9:45 and 10:30 and 4 at 11:15 left

9 9:45 10:30 11:15
Luke Witten Liz Simpson Ameelia Cutts Thomas Dalton
Ben Mellor Arron Simpson Elizabeth Cutts William Dalton
Phoebe Golton Ewan Ascott Phoebe Hayden Miley Aram
Jess Shephard James Bartram Madeline Hayden Jess Parry
George Casartelli Tamzin Meese Lauren taylor Ted Pyefinch
Ben Tipping Izzy wright Dylan Taylor Fraser Pyefinch
Annabel Tipping Freya Cook Katelyn Taft Ben Cami
Ellie Tennant  Hattie Cook Holly Smith Eloise Cami
Hannah Searby Abbie Tunnicliffe Isla Grieg Izzy Plumber
Joesph Searby Naomi Forbes Amy Dumbelow Kai Ward
Ella Coppen Phoebe Warwick Mia Wilson Megan edwards
Imogen Coppen Lukas Barto Smith Grace Wilson
Quinn Coppen Lydia Barto Smith Maddie Wilson
Alex Harrand