Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Blog 3342: Sock Set results

Over the last six weeks National and Senior squads have completed the sock set in order to try and improve their fly kicking underwater. Below is the second set of results. The set was simple and took approximately 15 minutes each session.

The use of socks increased resistance and reduced catch when kicking so should only be used with these squads, however the results show that if you focus on skills each and every session you can have a massive improvement.

Out of the 19 swimmers that completed both tests 16 improved 1 remained the same and 2 added a small out of time. The squad took off a total of 8.97 seconds between them meaning an average improvement of 0.47 seconds each. If the swimmers swam a 100m race and did 15m off every wall at the old and new times this would mean, they would be 1.88 seconds quicker for the 100m, by just improving the skill alone. Phoebe Goulton improved by 1.44 seconds using the same principle this would give her an improvement off 5.76 seconds over 100m.

This is why the skill of underwater fly kicking is so important and needs to be done, at speed, in streamline, for as far as you can (up to 15m), every wall in training and racing.