Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Blog 3349: Rushmoor Royals accepted entries & warm-up times

Accepted entries for the Rushmoor Royals meet can be viewed here:

Rushmoor accepted entries

We have also received the following information about warm-ups, withdrawals, programmes plus a request for officials:

Session Times
Sat 17th: (Warm up / Start  /Est Finish)
S1 8.00am / 8.45am / 10.50am
S2 11.10am / 11.55am / 1.40pm
S3 2.10pm / 2:55pm / 4.40pm
Sun 18th
S4 8.00am / 8.45am / 10.50am
S5 11.10am / 11.55am / 1.40pm
S6 2.10pm / 2:55pm / 4.35pm

The 400m events are sign in – so swimmers must sign in 15minutes before warm up starts. The rest of the events are sign out so please can all coaches/swimmers notify any withdrawals 15minutes before warm-up starts.

If any swimmer knows in advance that they are going to withdraw please can they email Chris chris.wall@rrsc.co.uk to help with the smooth running of the meet.

There will be no programmes available on the day – the programme will be on our website 3 days before the meet.

If you are an official please send your offer to help to Moira officialscoordinator@rrsc.co.uk
giving your qualification and ASA number. The meet will not be able to meet the licensing criteria without enough officials.