Thursday, 12 April 2018

Blog 3387: Retford Open Meet - more info

To clarify about Retford - I have emailed their meet organiser to ask how much space they have, but haven't received a full answer yet, so I have no idea how many entries they can accommodate.

In the interests of fairness, if entries are limited, preference will be given to those who originally entered Nuneaton.  Any 'spare' entries after this will be opened up to new entrants on a first come, first served basis.

To avoid losing out on another meet (and the only local meet at that point in the calendar), entries for Retford will close at 8.30pm on Monday 16th April.  I will be submitting the entry file that night, so any queries or events that you need times for, please make sure that you have them before you put the entry in the box, so as not to delay the process.

If you had entered Nuneaton but are unable to go to the Retford meet, please let me know - either by email or just drop a note in the box - so I know your entries are 'spare'.