Monday, 9 July 2018

Blog 3467: Northampton

What a scorcher. The deck side temperature was incredible this weekend and the air quality towards the end of each day was the lowest Ive ever been on poolside for. This did not stop the Long Eaton swimmers performing tremendously over the weekend. We went to this gala to develop tactics, techniques and skills and in these 3 areas we had some of the best on display and probably the best as a whole club. All the work we have put in in developing these areas this year is paying of with most swimmers now realising that by developing these key factors we will swim fast when it matters, so instead of chasing times they are looking to improve. The behavior when all around were messing around was outstanding and we left our area cleaner than Japans world cup dressing room. It is these details that make us an amazing forward thinking club that constantly produce high quality, well rounded, knowledgeable athletes. All of that being said we can still improve, the key areas we need to improve on are pre pool and warm down. Make sure you are on time to do an adequate pre pool routine prior to either warming up or racing and make sure that you take advantage of the warm down facilities by warming down fully and aiding the body to recover properly. A big thank you to Cate and Vicki who suffered with the coaches in the poolside conditions all weekend.