Friday, 15 November 2019

Blog 2019-270: Parking reminder for Stafford meet / change to p.m. start times / seating plan

A few bits of last-minute info for this weekend's Stafford Meet:

  • Please remember the Entrust car park is NOT available either day, as there are events on.  Parking here could jeopardise its use for future swim meets.  The nearest car park is Waterfront car park.
  • Afternoon warm-ups on both days have been extended, so p.m. sessions ( 2 & 4) will now start at 2.45pm.  (The meet is still scheduled to finish at 5.30pm each day)
  • A seating plan has been posted on Stafford's website (click here to view) - we have space down the side of the pool so it is unlikely there will be room for chairs.  We will have 33 swimmers, plus coaches and Team Managers at the meet.  Please bear this in mind when deciding what to bring onto poolside - if you can put large bags into lockers and just bring smaller bags with essentials onto poolside, that will help.