Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Blog 2019-279 A Team

The final round of the Arena league is here and we have a shot at survial. Please make sure you are available as I need to put the strongest team out. We are Worcester with the A team warm up is at 4pm. Please tick the board at West Park ASAP.

Benjamin Cami
Quinn Coppen
Finlay Bird
Ted Pyefinch
William Dalton
Arron Simpson
James Bartram
Thomas Dalton
Oliver Osborne
Alexander Harrand
Benjamin Tipping
Finlay Moss
Luke Witten
Bradley Evans
Daniel McFerran
Ryan Reader
Thomas Strachan
Tom Wyatt
Abbie Tunnicliffe
Emmanuela Amromaghwo
Jessica Parry
Mia Wilson
Phoebe Hayden
Isabel Wright
Matilda Hase
Imogen Coppen
Phoebe Warwick
Hattie Cook
Jessica Shephard
Phoebe Golton
Bethany Rae-McLean
Ellie Tennant
Leanne Atkins
Megan Hanson
Naomi Dilley