Monday, 24 February 2020

Blog 2020-44: Reminder - Withdrawal procedures for Open Meets

Please remember it is the swimmer's (parents') responsibility to withdraw from an open meet if they are unable to, or decide not to, compete.  Contact phone numbers or email addresses, along with withdrawal procedures are always detailed in the Meet Entry pack, which can either be accessed through the original Meet Blog, or easily found with a quick Google search of the host club and a look round their website.

If a swimmer decides to withdraw, please also make sure you contact LESC - either sending a message via another swimmer at the meet or preferably emailing one of the club's contact emails (I am at most meets, and have contact details for all the TMs, so feel free to email if that is easier).  Team Managers will be looking for your swimmer and could be distracted from the swimmers that are at the meet while they try to find your swimmer / confirm whether or not they should be there.

Thank you