Monday, 4 May 2020

Blog 2020-70 Goal Setting

Hi All

I sent out an email a few weeks ago about goal setting for the new season and whilst I didnt put a time limit on it, I feel its right to give you a nudge to get the process started.

The attached file is the championship comparison. You need to fill this in with your current times and the qualifying time for your age group for County, Regional, National and British which can all be found on line.

The spreadsheet will then give you a percentage around the times needed. We are looking at percentages instead of times to make it more process oriented instead of just saying "oh I need to swim faster".

This is the first part of the goal setting process. Once you have filled it in email it to your coach who will then send you a 360 degree questionnaire which will highlight areas for improvement. Return this to your coach who will then fill it as well and arrange a meeting to discuss the results and come up with a personal plan with you.!AqtqplmrRFf-6X-lDa996kMkw5QC?e=yXmGid