Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Blog 2020 - 31: Leicester League Round 2 Team

Round 2 of the Leicester League will be on 29th February 2020 and will be held at The Queens Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby (CV22 5LJ).

There will be a bus for Round 2, leaving West Park at 4pm. £5 per person.

Please email: or tick the sheet at West Park ASAP to confirm attendance.

Girls -

Sophia Ireland
Isabel Plummer
Eloise Cami
Florence Stirling
Hannah Jepson
Annabel Tipping
Holly Smith
Charlie Scanlon
Maya Lynch
Sophie Goodman
Ruby Ireland
Estella Pendrey
Jasmine Bowles
Jasmine Bryan
Isabella Moody
Tamzin Meese
Kathleen Humphrey

Boys -

Jack Harling
Adam Worley
Samuel Cooper
Christian Brown
Kai Ward
William Gallagher
Ryan Davies
Oliver Jepson
Ethan Aldous
Lewis Fretwell
Ewan Ascott
Joseph Cooper
Rory Batchelor
Benjamin Tipping
Benjamin Mellor
Luke Witten
George Casartelli