Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Blog 2020-62 On Line Training

Its been great to see a really good uptake on the on line training so far. The more we do things together the easier this hard time will be.

This Friday we are going to do a club session and invite the whole club to join in together. It will be a swimmers edge yoga session so it is suitable for all. You'll need a space a mat if you have one, your water bottle a towel and maybe a yoga block of firm pillow/cushion. I hope to see you all around 6:15

Please please please, tweet your positive experiences, pictures or videos of you exercising or doing something special. There are a couple of challenges going on Nation wide at the moment, so video yourselves having a go and join in. Both are on our twitter page already @lescnews

Keep following the government's advice and stay safe.